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We bring you a selection of exquisitely curated bath waste with overflow designed to usher permanence and prolonged usability. With a streamlined structure, the fitting provides a way to create a minimal yet sophisticated charm without risking cluttering too many details. This innovative solution seeks to serve the interests of...

We bring you a selection of exquisitely curated bath waste with overflow designed to usher permanence and prolonged usability. With a streamlined structure, the fitting provides a way to create a minimal yet sophisticated charm without risking cluttering too many details. This innovative solution seeks to serve the interests of all modern homes without limiting your choices, offered in stunning shades of gold including brushed brass and brushed bronze finishes. Our selection also extends to the kitchen and basin areas, all crafted to create uniform interiors without sticking to an obvious palette.

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Adorning stunning round and square structures, bath fillers serve multifunctionality, realising two aspects in usability. The first purpose is to fill your bath with the most pleasing water flow without unwanted fluctuations that can affect overall usability. Ranging from varying water pressure requirements, we offer enough choices to meet what is best demanded by your home. A filler and overflow combination are also essential to prevent problems of flooded spaces as it prevents water from flowing out, enabled by the hole on the underside of the circular structure.

Understanding Overflow Bath Fillers

A bath filler and overflow are essential components of a bathtub, providing both functionality and convenience during use. The filler serves as the fixture that fills the tub with water and is located near the rim to deliver a steady stream. It combines both the functionality of a tap and an overflow system with an all-in-one design that offers convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The filler functions similarly to a traditional tap, allowing users to fill the bathtub with water at their desired temperature and flow rate. However, what sets it apart is the integrated overflow feature, which serves as a safety mechanism to prevent overfilling and potential flooding.

The brushed brass overflow bath filler typically consists of a single unit that is installed directly onto the bathtub and features a built-in overflow opening that allows excess water to drain out if the tub is filled beyond its capacity. What makes this selection distinct is the space-saving design which does not have a separate external spout or handle like traditional taps. It reduces clutter and maximises available space, enabling a daily, relaxing routine.

Improve Daily Functionality

The main purpose of the bath overflow is to prevent water from overflowing and flooding the bathroom by providing an alternate route for excess water to drain away. These issues can damage the floor area by exposing it to excessive moisture and water contact. When the bath is overfilled, the overflow allows water to escape through a built-in drain, directing it back into the plumbing system and preventing potential damage to the surrounding area.

Together, the bath filler and overflow allow comfort in daily use to ensure a seamless and hassle-free bathing experience. While the filler provides a convenient way to allow water flow, the overflow serves as a protective mechanism to prevent unwanted mess and potential water damage. This functionality makes the combination indispensable components of any bathtub, providing comfort and convenience.

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 Bath Wastes for Efficient Draining

The bath waste with overflow is paired with a click clack waste that further adds to its functionality. Offering a more efficient alternative to traditional plug mechanisms, this selection of bath wastes is popular for its simplicity and comfortable usability. It features a simple push-down design that requires a gentle press to open/seal the drain outlet. The push allows the plug to click into place, securely sealing the drain to prevent water from escaping while another push releases the plug allowing water to flow freely down the drain.

The bath waste also prevents debris including soap scum, hair, and other residue from entering the pipelines, eliminating any chance for clogged pipes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of bath wastes are essential to ensure their continued effectiveness in capturing debris and maintaining the overall health of your plumbing system.

Durability of Our Products

Each of the bath fillers is constructed with high-quality brass material that projects excellent tolerance to rusting and oxidation. It is also known to be ideal for everyday use as it can stand effectively against the damaging effects of moisture, chemicals, and environmental elements. The longevity is further enhanced by the high-quality coatings. The brushed bronze finish has subtle lines and textures that enhance its visual appeal. With a warm, inviting tone, these finishes exude depth and richness to your space though they lack a high-gloss shine.

A brushed brass overflow bath filler has a contemporary matt texture with a soft, velvety surface. One of the hallmark features of brushed brass is its muted yet radiant appearance which offers a more subdued and subtle lustre. The gentle striations and soft patina add tactile interest, inviting touch and exploration. Both finishes are popular for their resistance to fingerprints, stains and water spots and project excellent durability.

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