Pull Out Spray Kitchen Taps

Embrace the blend of style and functionality with a premium range of pull out kitchen taps. Designed for the dynamic kitchen environment, these taps bring not only elegance but also practicality to your culinary space.  Blended to serve with versatility and comfort, the collection is designed with an extendable hose...

Embrace the blend of style and functionality with a premium range of pull out kitchen taps. Designed for the dynamic kitchen environment, these taps bring not only elegance but also practicality to your culinary space.  Blended to serve with versatility and comfort, the collection is designed with an extendable hose that makes everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Defined by the rich polished and brushed finishes, the fittings stand out with the opulence and warmth of a gold tone to subtle bronze hues that transform the basin area into a focal point of your home! 

The rich collection of gold products extends from kitchen and bathroom tapware to towel rail radiators, accessories, toilets and basins, drainage solutions and shower fittings. Extending to the most important spaces of your home - the kitchen and bathroom, our sole purpose is to materialise your dreams into a reality by offering products that seamlessly blend the best of the two worlds of functionality that meets comfort.



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Read More About Our Pull Out Kitchen Taps

The gold pull out tap collection is characterised by a retractable spray head that can be pulled from the main spout. This allows users to direct the water flow precisely wherever needed, making everyday tasks and chores a much more convenient affair.  Say goodbye to tangled hoses! Our collection features an intuitive design that ensures smooth retraction and prevents hose entanglement. In case of a rare snag, a simple untangling or weight adjustment quickly restores optimal functionality.

Materials like braided stainless steel make up the flexible material of the hose that is connected to the spray head which enables it to extend and retract smoothly. Advanced features such as magnetic docking prevent the spout from drooping or sagging, securing it in place whenever not in use.  While regular designs feature a docking mechanism with a sleek spout structure, a selection of the kitchen tap with pull out spray also offers the coiled spring mechanism with smooth lines and a minimalist silhouette.


Brass vs. Stainless Steel Taps: Choosing the Right Material

The choice of materials for gold pull out kitchen tap can be crucial to determine both aesthetics and durability. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of brass or the sleek modernity of stainless steel, both materials offer excellent durability and aesthetic appeal to enhance your kitchen space. 

Brass is known for its timeless elegance and its durability as a corrosion-resistant material that makes it long-lasting. With a robust structure that strongly withstands the rigours of daily use, these taps are ideal for humid environments with extensive traffic like your kitchen. Brass has natural antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent choice for kitchen taps where hygiene is paramount. A stainless steel pull out tap boasts strong resistance to corrosion, rust and tarnishing making it ideal for daily use in the kitchen where there are high moisture levels and hard water. Composed of an alloy of chromium and nickel, these taps are known for their strength and resistance to oxidation and are ideal as they are less likely to dent, scratch, or tarnish compared to other materials like brass. 

Allowing users to make a conscious choice, this material is sustainable, meaning that it is fully recyclable. Both materials are ideal owing to their easy cleaning and maintenance properties, requiring only a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and mild detergent or soap to restore their lustre.

Dual Functionality in Pull Out Taps

The stainless steel and brass pull out kitchen tap selection offer dual functionality, allowing users to switch between a regular aerated stream and a powerful spray mode. The spray mode has a more powerful jet for stubborn stains making it ideal for general cleaning. By releasing water in a dispersed pattern, it creates a fine mist which is achieved because of water flow that breaks up into smaller droplets. Providing a broader coverage, it makes removing food particles, debris and soap residue more convenient.

Delivering a gentler, steady and focused flow, the stream mode does not disperse water flow into a spray but rather delivers a concentrated stream of water. Toggling between the two modes is as convenient as the press of a button or the switch of a lever, making the gold pull out kitchen tap a family-friendly fitting that meets the demands and preferences of all modern homes.

Elevate Your Kitchen: Exploring Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, and Bronze Taps

The selection of kitchen taps with pull out spray is not limited to only a single shade and finish, ranging from brushed and polished finishes to copper and brushed bronze hues, our curation provides homeowners with the luxury to choose from stunning tones of gold for the perfect, embellished look. The polished gold finish grants a lasting glimmer with a glossy finish that has a high mirror-like reflection. Adding opulence and glamour to any space, this look is achieved by grinding and buffing the surface until it becomes smooth and reflective. This smoothness enhances appearance while also enabling quick and easy cleaning.

Brushed gold kitchen tap with pull out spray possesses a more subdued and understated look compared to polished finishes. It has a more stain-like and matt look with a softer, textured appearance. The fine, parallel lines or grooves give it a textured surface that drastically helps to conceal fingerprints, water spots and minor scratches. This makes brushed finishes a practical choice for high-traffic areas or fixtures that are frequently used. The bronze range has a richer and deeper hue, ranging from dark brown to coppery tones. A stunning selection also offers two-tone designs featuring stunning white blended with exquisite gold detailing in the handles and spouts!  

Sophisticated Simplicity: Lever and Spout Design for Your Kitchen Taps

Enjoy full control over water delivery with responsive handles. The curation of kitchen spray taps is defined by spouts and handles that stand out distinctly and attribute a sense of individualised charm. Handles are offered in round, lever structures that are user-friendly with intuitive functionality. Temperature and flow are controlled manually with a single lever and provide an uninterrupted water flow experience. Spouts are available in the high arch, elegantly curved swan neck and 90-degree bent L-shaped structures. Both designs are known for providing ample clearance in and around the basin area. Another category is the swivel spout which is suitable for both one and two-bowl sinks, providing convenient manoeuvrability with its rotating feature. 

Swivel spouts are particularly useful for multitasking in the kitchen where users can easily switch between different sink compartments or move the spout out of the way when not in use, optimising space and functionality!

Unparalleled Performance: Ceramic Disc Technology in Kitchen Taps

Revolutionise your kitchen experience with the cutting-edge ceramic disc technology featured in our pull out tap assortment. Marked with durability, these discs are extremely resistant to rusting and corrosion, removing the limitations of traditional rubber washers that degrade over time. The ceramic discs are resilient to the effects of hard water, including limescale buildup. The functionality is provided by two ceramic discs where the moveable one moves against the stationary one to control the flow of water. The discs maintain their position and resistance to thermal expansion, providing consistent hot and cold water mixing without fluctuations. The vast assortment of kitchen taps, including the pull out design, is devised with this advanced technology that makes our selection perfect modern solutions for all kitchens!

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Effortless Installation and Optimal Water Pressure Requirements

Each piece from the collection is crafted with precision to meet the demands and preferences of all homeowners and their spaces. Structured to offer ease of installation and compatibility with a wide range of water pressure systems, the kitchen spray taps invite comfort and luxury all in one product.  With monobloc structures, it has a single-hole installation design that makes them incredibly easy to install. The detailed instruction manual, DIY guides and product specifications offered with each product enhance the utility, ensuring your renovations are as blissful as ever!

Our broad selection is designed to work efficiently across a range of water pressure requirements, including both low (0.1 bar–0.5 bar) and high-pressure (1 bar-3 bars) setups. Whether you have a gravity-fed system, a combination boiler, or a pressurised system, our taps are engineered to deliver optimal performance.  While specific water pressure requirements may vary depending on the model, our taps typically operate effectively within a broad range of pressures, ensuring consistent water flow and temperature control in your kitchen or bathroom.

Efficient Drainage Solutions: Enhancing Your Kitchen Experience

Ensuring you invest in the right drainage solutions for your brass pull out kitchen tap to work efficiently can be crucial in determining overall usability. Basket waste strainers function excellently in blocking food particles and debris from entering the plumbing system, preventing risks of clogged pipes that can demand renovations and repairs. Typically designed with a 90mm dimension to suit all standard sink systems, these minimal adornments complete the versatility and accessibility of your space without risking a flooded basin. Complete combinations for integrated draining are also offered in our stylish range.

Traps are installed beneath the sink and are attached to the waste, designed with a curved section that retains a small amount of water. The main purpose is to create a seal which prevents foul odour and gases from entering your space through the drain. Overflows are offered in square or round structures and are ideal to prevent flooding during excessive water flow or blockage. These pipes are connected to the overflow opening and direct excess water to the drain, ensuring that it does not overflow onto the floor or countertop. Overflow systems help maintain hygiene by preventing stagnant water from pooling on the surface of the sink, and ensuring proper drainage.

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Transparent and Convenient: Our Delivery and Refund Policies

At Gold Bathroom, we offer hassle-free handling and delivery, with assured 2-3 working days delivery in the UK. International deliveries vary from country to country and customers can visit our Delivery Policy for estimated lead time.
Our customer service team assists every step of the way via live chat and email, ensuring your home renovation journey is as enthralling and manageable! (Please note that there are a few items we are unable to take back, including made-to-order taps and showers, shower trays, and toilet seats that have been opened). 


1.What are the advantages of a pull out tap?

Pull out taps offer superior flexibility and functionality in the kitchen. They make it easier to fill large pots, clean every corner of your sink, and rinse fresh produce. Additionally, their retractable hose allows for a wider range of motion, making kitchen tasks more efficient and less time-consuming.

2.How do I choose a pull out tap?

When selecting a pull out tap, consider the size of your sink and kitchen space to ensure a good fit. Look for a tap with a durable hose and ergonomic spray head for ease of use. The style and finish should complement your kitchen's design. Also, consider the water pressure in your home to ensure the tap functions effectively.

3.How do pull out kitchen taps work?

Pull out kitchen taps feature a spray head that can be pulled out from the tap body on a flexible hose. This setup allows for directable water flow, making it easier to accomplish a variety of kitchen tasks. The spray head usually retracts back into place with the help of a counterweight or magnetic docking system.

4.Are pull out kitchen faucets good?

Yes, pull-out kitchen faucets are highly regarded for their versatility and convenience, making them a popular choice for modern kitchens. They provide the flexibility to direct water flow exactly where needed, simplifying tasks such as filling pots and cleaning. For a more in-depth look at their benefits, visit our detailed blog post: Are Pull-Out Kitchen Taps Any Good?.

5.Are pull out taps easy to fit?

Pull out taps can be more complex to install than standard taps due to their additional components, such as the retractable hose system. While some DIY enthusiasts may be comfortable with the installation, it's often recommended to have a professional plumber fit your pull out tap to ensure it functions correctly and to avoid potential issues.

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