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At Gold Bathroom, our comprehensive selection of kitchen and bathroom tapware offers the perfect combination of durability that meets style. Devised with advanced properties like ceramic disc technology, aerators and water efficiency, the taps provide smooth regulation of water pressure and flow without compromising quality or appeal. Tapware categories are...

At Gold Bathroom, our comprehensive selection of kitchen and bathroom tapware offers the perfect combination of durability that meets style. Devised with advanced properties like ceramic disc technology, aerators and water efficiency, the taps provide smooth regulation of water pressure and flow without compromising quality or appeal. Tapware categories are broadly divided into kitchen and bathroom taps ranging from bathroom sink taps, monobloc structures, pull out taps, modern designs and more. Each product is built of either brass or stainless steel that prolongs usage with excellent rust and corrosion tolerance and is complete with a diverse choice of finish.

The bathroom taps are offered with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer against unwanted malfunctions and defects, covering from 1 to 15 years depending on the product and usage. These taps can be paired with concealed shower valves, shower heads and arms and bathroom accessories to create the perfect look for your bathroom.


Strength in Every Drop: Exploring the Durability of Brass Taps

Both traditional and modern bathroom taps feature durable and robust structures with brass material, constructed with an intricate eye on detail to offer longevity and high-performance quality. Visit our go-to guide to assist you while selecting the most suitable pieces: CHOOSING THE PERFECT BATHROOM TAPS: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO STYLE, FUNCTIONALITY, AND MORE

Brass Taps: The brass bathroom shower mixer tap selection is known for providing an old-world charm with a warm hue. Prised for their exceptional durability and longevity, these taps are known for their high resistance to corrosion, rust, and tarnishing, making them perfect choices for use in environments with high moisture levels. Features like antimicrobial properties make this selection ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Stainless Steel Taps: Crafted from a corrosion-resistant alloy of iron, chromium, and other metals, stainless steel taps offer a perfect balance of form and function. Revered for their sleek appearance, modern aesthetic, and exceptional durability, these taps project excellent durability by being highly resistant to rust and oxidation, ensuring that your taps retain their pristine appearance even after years of use. With a non-porous surface, the metal is known for being incredibly hygienic and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for environments where cleanliness is paramount. It is fully recyclable which adds to its many benefits, enabling homeowners to make sustainable choices through utility pieces! 

Unveiling the Charms of Antique and Brushed Finishes

Choosing your bathroom taps from our diverse array brings diverse options in finishes to ensure homeowners get the right hue of gold they are looking for. From antique, and brushed to polished finishes, this feature is more than a surface treatment as it adds style, character, and sophistication to the whole look.

Antique Brass Finish: This finish evokes elegance with the warm, aged look with intricate detailing that gives the taps an old-world charm. Deviating from bright, flashy gold finishes, antique gold exudes a sense of understated elegance and sophistication with its soft, muted tones that create a sense of warmth and intimacy, making it the perfect choice for creating a cosy, welcoming ambience.

Brushed Brass Finish: Characterised by the matt texture and gentle sheen, brushed finish features grooves or parallel lines with a grainy surface. It is not reflective like the polished range but rather possesses a subtle charm with linear patterns and fine abrasions which makes it less prone to fingerprints, stains and water spots. Unlike polished finishes that require regular polishing and upkeep, brushed taps can be cleaned with mild soap and water, making them a low-maintenance option for busy households.

From Classic to Contemporary: Navigating the World of Traditional and Modern Taps

Divided into traditional and modern designs, our taps allow homeowners to choose as per their space demands and preferences. Modern taps typically feature sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Handles are a defining factor with round and lever structures offering single or dual controls for regulating water flow and temperature. A selection also includes sleek touchless taps that are devised with infrared sensors to detect motion for water dispersal, preventing unwanted wastage and reducing utility bills. The bathroom shower mixer tap selection ranges from deck-mounted, wall hung and floor standing designs, allowing homeowners to choose as per prerequisites and demands of the space.

Traditional taps tend to have more ornate designs with intricate details, curves, and sometimes even decorative elements. They often reflect historical styles such as Victorian or Edwardian while adorning modern features that make the assortment a must-have for all spaces. Handles are characterised by intricate embellishments like crosshead and white lever styles, typically with independent functions for hot and cold water regulation with a central spout. The selection also includes the 3 hole deck mounted tap that make installation a hassle-free procedure.

Offering a diversity of choices, tapware selection is further broadened with spout styles which include the swan neck with a gracefully curved design that provides ample clearance between the spout and the sink. If you are looking for a more minimal feel, straight spouts work excellently with a simple outline that is devoid of any bends or curves. While straight spouts may not have the same decorative appeal as swan neck or other curved spouts, they are functional for spaces where a clean, understated aesthetic is desired.

Another popular design in traditional tapware is the long nose design, typically found in pillar taps. These spouts are designed to extend further into the sink, providing a greater reach. 

Tap into Style: Basin Taps That Make a Splash!

Bathroom sink taps (or basin taps) are offered in wall and deck mounting structures, ranging from modern to traditional outlines. Available in a variant of gold hues and finishes, these taps give more than a utility piece to homeowners. From mono-tap holes to three-hole designs, these taps offer quick installation and can be paired with our selection of countertop and basin vanity units. This Tall Basin Mixer Tap is a stunning piece, flaunting a height of 311mm that provides extended reach, allowing water to reach over the rim of the vessel sink, ensuring proper water flow and preventing splashing. It is also available in square structures, allowing users to purchase tapware that best meets their requirements and tastes.

The base plates are offered in two designs- while one houses both the spout and handle in one rectangular structure, another design has separate plates to be installed in separate pre-drilled holes. An assortment offers sensor taps that are operated both via batteries or mains and are an essential fitting that reduces the risk of bacterial growth and spread of germs with its touchless operation.

Choose the right basin taps for your home: YOUR COMPLETE BATHROOM BASIN TAP (A QUICK BUYING GUIDE)

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Bathing Bliss: Dive into Luxury with Your Perfect Bath Tap

The luxurious gold bathroom taps and showers collection has designs offering up to two outlets. From single-hole to three-hole models, the tapware selection offers low-pressure and high-pressure fittings with a construction that is devised to complement most standard plumbing systems. A selection also offers taps with shower kits consisting of a bath tap and a handset with a flexible hose. Temperature is controlled manually which allows users to control water temperature by controlling the handles. The category also offers bath mixer taps with independent hot and cold water controls with a diverter that enables flow. Traditional designs stand out with the telephone handsets with cradle holders with white accents that grant it a look of statement.

Single Outlet Taps: With these taps, there is only one point from which water is dispensed. Usually designed with a single handle or knob, single outlet taps consist of a mono spout or nozzle from which water flows.

Dual Outlet Taps: Two outlet taps control the flow of water through two separate points or spouts. A common configuration is a combination of a main spout for filling the basin or bathtub and a separate attachment, such as an overhead or handheld shower, for rinsing or cleaning. These are ideal where multiple water sources are required.


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Additional Features in Bathroom Taps and Factors

Each of our tapware is embalmed with advanced features including ceramic disc technology while additional features to consider include water pressure requirements, plumbing suitability, and more.

Installation: While installation is made hassle-free with designs like dual hole and 3 hole deck mounted bath taps, homeowners need to measure the distance between the mounting holes on the sink or countertop to ensure compatibility with the tap. This becomes crucial as non-compatibility in spacing can affect the functionality while creating gaps that can cause leaks.

Water Pressure Requirements: Each bathroom and basin tap are designed with a specific water pressure requirement to allow smooth usability without risking glitches or fluctuations. If the water pressure is too low, the tap may produce a weak or inconsistent flow, while excessively high water pressure can cause splashing, noise, or premature wear and tear through excessive stress that is put on the tap’s internal mechanisms.

Ceramic Disc Technology: Ceramic disc technology in taps consists of two ceramic discs—one stationary and one movable—that fit together to control water flow and temperature. These discs are precision-engineered with extremely smooth surfaces which allows them to create a watertight seal when closed and control the flow of water with precision when opened. The leakproof utility is guaranteed with this feature and promises durability as the discs are made of high-quality ceramic that is known for its resistance to wear, corrosion, and mineral buildup. 

Drainage Solutions

After choosing bathroom taps and showers, investing in a well-integrated drainage system can help remove unwanted problems and enable your space to realise its full potential. By incorporating the combination of basin waste and trap or bath waste, you eliminate problems of flooded spaces and allow quick draining to keep your space hygienic. This fitting also keeps debris away by keeping the drain hole sealed and granting safe water dispersion per requirements. Both bath and basin wastes are available in varieties of configurations.

Basin Wastes: Slotted designs feature an overflow hole near the top of the waste outlet and are to be installed with basins that have an overflow feature. When installing a slotted basin waste, it's crucial to align the overflow hole in the basin with the slot in the waste outlet to ensure proper drainage and functionality. Unslotted basin wastes are installed in basins that do not have this overflow feature and therefore, does not have an overflow hole. Without the overflow hole, the waste outlet remains sealed, preventing water from escaping if the basin fills beyond its capacity.

Bath Wastes: Many bath wastes are equipped with an overflow feature to prevent the bathtub from overflowing if the water level rises too high. The overflow, offered in round and square structures, is connected to the waste outlet and directs excess water back into the plumbing system. The waste prevents soap scum, hair and other debris from accumulating in the waste outlet, eliminating the risk of blocks which can hinder your routine after a relaxing shower routine. Periodically removing and cleaning the waste components can help prevent buildup and ensure smooth operation.

These highly practical fittings are made from durable materials including brass and ABS plastic, known for their corrosion resistance and capability of withstanding the demands of daily use. The high chemical resistance, including most household cleaning agents, moisture and vapour tolerance and impact and temperature resistance power the fittings to retain their practicality and charm effortlessly even with extensive daily use!

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