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At Gold Bathroom we serve only the best with an array of well-crafted bathroom and kitchen fittings with a luxurious finish. Diversely varying in stunning shades of gold in high-quality finishes, the assortment ranges from tapware to bathroom and toilet accessories, toilet units and concealed cisterns, heated towel radiators, and...

At Gold Bathroom we serve only the best with an array of well-crafted bathroom and kitchen fittings with a luxurious finish. Diversely varying in stunning shades of gold in high-quality finishes, the assortment ranges from tapware to bathroom and toilet accessories, toilet units and concealed cisterns, heated towel radiators, and more. Each piece is characterised by solid craftsmanship and a lustrous gold element that serves as a statement without risking too much of a uniform colour palette. Recent trends in home renovation plans are all about expressing a unique persona with glam shades, whether you are looking for traditional fittings or contemporary, minimal ones, we have a curation of ready-made solutions for you.

We also offer a comprehensive assortment of wall mounted basin taps in stunning finishes including antique brass and brushed brass. With subtle, parallel lines or grains, the brushed finish is ideal as it reduces the visibility of fingerprints, water spots, and scratches. This finish is achieved by lightly abrading the surface of the metal, creating a uniform texture that adds depth and character to the fixture. The antique finish adorns a smoother and reflective surface with a lustrous shine. Flaunting an old-world charm, this style may incorporate intentional imperfections or patinas for a vintage look. See more of what we have to offer in our exclusive collection! Also, visit our complete assortment of basin taps here: Gold Basin Tap Collection

Brass Taps: Built to Last, Shining Through Time

Brass taps have long been celebrated for their remarkable durability, standing as enduring fixtures in the world of plumbing. The wall mounted mixer taps are constructed with this high-quality metal, known for its tolerance to rust and oxidation and boast durability. These taps are defined by a sturdy construction that can withstand the rigours of daily use, maintaining their integrity even in high-traffic areas. Ideal for environments with high moisture levels, these taps are fashioned for extensive use in bathrooms and kitchens as they can retain their glimmer with a pristine charm even with years of use.


Counting and Managing Tap Holes: Essential Considerations

The stunning collection of wall mounted taps is diversified into tap hole options, ranging from mono to triple designs. Determining which structure fits your space the best depends on several factors including functionality, aesthetic appeal and installation. The number and placement of tap holes offer varying levels of water flow controls, temperature and more. Choosing the appropriate tap-hole setup ensures that the fixture meets the specific needs and preferences of users. Considering tap holes during the planning stage also helps streamline the installation process and minimise potential complications.

Single Hole Tap: This design accommodates a single tap structure and is a popular choice as it simplifies installation and maintenance. This setup often incorporates multifunctional properties, such as pull-out sprayers or sensor features, maximising functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Two-Hole Tap: With two-hole wall mounted mixer taps, users can control water temperature and flow more precisely. Alternatively, one tap hole may be used for the spout, while the other accommodates a separate handle for controlling water flow or temperature. These are mounted on circular or rectangular base plates that either house the spout and handle together or in separate units.

Three-Hole Tap: Offering even greater flexibility and customisation options, the 3-hole structures include separate hot and cold water taps along with a central tap hole for the spout. Explore the many perks of this design with our blog: ELEVATE YOUR BATHROOM AESTHETICS WITH THE 3 HOLE WALL-MOUNTED BASIN MIXER TAP CROSSHEAD IN BRUSHED BRASS FINISH

Design and Functionality of Handles and Spouts

Handles and spouts play a vital role in determining the aesthetics of your wall mounted sink taps while also increasing functionality and accessibility in your space. From minimal and streamlined modern mono taps to more embellished and intricately crafted traditional tapware, we offer a diverse variety of selections that are bound to enhance the practicality of your space effortlessly.

Exploring spout types: Curved spouts feature graceful lines that add a touch of contemporary sophistication while providing extended reach and better water coverage. The arched design allows water to flow in a gentle, cascading manner, ensuring efficient coverage over a larger area of the sink. These spouts are also ideal as they arch over the sink, thus providing additional clearance below, allowing ample space without creating any obstructions. With fewer crevices and corners where dirt and grime can accumulate, the smooth, continuous surface makes it simple to wipe down and maintain.

Straight spouts provide a classic and timeless look with the versatility to work with all design styles. The straightforward and functional appearance takes up minimal space and grants a practical solution for small sinks or countertops. Features like efficient water flow without a spout that protrudes too far into the sink area make these ideal for maximising the space in your basin area. Another design is the fixed spout selection with a straight, unadorned style. Often chosen for their simplicity and clean lines, these taps typically have a consistent water flow pattern without the added curve.

Single and Twin Handles: Handle designs are diversified into options of crosshead, round lever and square lever styles. Single handles are easy to use with a mono lever or knob that controls both flow and temperature. As it has only one handle, these wall mounted taps are space-saving fittings that are convenient for everyday tasks. Twin handle taps regulate hot and cold water with independent controls where each lever/knob is adjusted individually to achieve a precise balance. With dual handle taps, users can independently adjust the flow rate of hot and cold water which can be useful for conserving water or adjusting the flow to suit specific tasks or preferences.

Crosshead Handles: Providing a more traditional charm, this style is defined by the cross-shaped top. With a flat, wide top, these handles offer a comfortable grip and stand out with a distinct and recognisable appearance. Crosshead handles typically operate using a quarter-turn mechanism, allowing for precise control over water flow and temperature, enabling users to quickly adjust the handles to achieve the desired settings.

Round Lever Handles: With a simple, rounded design that offers a minimal and contemporary aesthetic, round lever handles are versatile and provide a clean look.


Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Taps

Ceramic Disc Technology: The wall mounted sink taps collection is powered with advanced ceramic disc technology which enables smooth flow and balanced temperature regulation. Made with high-quality ceramic discs, it challenges the limitations of traditional rubber washers and is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. The taps consist of two ceramic discs - one stationary and one movable - that fit together to control the flow of water while simultaneously preventing leaks and drips.

This advanced feature helps conserve water and reduces daily usage. Ceramic disc cartridges are less susceptible to damage from hard water minerals compared to rubber washers. This excellent resistance to mineral buildup and can maintain their effectiveness even in areas with hard water.

Water Pressure Requirements: Each tap is designed to adhere to a specific water pressure requirement to ensure smooth functionality and usability. A tap below 0.5 bar is known to be a low-pressure fitting while higher-pressure refers to a requirement above 1 bar. Determining the pressure of your home and aligning it with the suitability of your tapware selection is vital as excessive water pressure can lead to various issues such as leaks, pipe damage, and premature wear of plumbing fixtures. A lower pressure than demanded can lead to fluctuations in flow and glitches that can hinder overall usability.

Drainage Solutions

Investing in a suitable tapware that meets all the demands of your space involves planning an integrated drainage solution to ensure your basin area functions as well as you expect it to. For this, we offer a variety of basin wastes to allow quick draining while keeping your plumbing system protected, granting every homeowner the luxury worth the price they spend.

Slotted Basin Waste: A slotted basin waste features a visible overflow hole or slot located near the top of the waste fitting. This allows excess water to drain away in cases of overflows to prevent flooding and is commonly used for basins that have a small opening near the top of the rim, which is known as the overflow. The slot in the waste aligns with the overflow hole in the basin, allowing water to flow through both sources in cases of spills or malfunctions.

Unslotted Basin Waste: An unslotted waste does not have an overflow hole or slot in the waste fitting and therefore, is installed for basins without this feature. This may include a selection of modern countertop basins and vessel sinks. Without an overflow hole, any excess water in the basin spills onto the countertop or floor, so these types of basins rely on the absence of the overflow hole in the waste to prevent such issues.

Basin Waste Trap: Another key component of a well-planned basin drainage system is the waste trap. Installed beneath the sink, it connects the waste outlet of the basin to the drainage pipe or plumbing system. Its main purpose is to create a water seal to prevent sewer gases and odours from entering the area. For this, the trap retains a small amount of water within it at all times, forming a barrier that blocks the passage of gases from the drainage system into the living or working space. 

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