Monobloc Kitchen Taps

Made with an array of high-quality materials, our monobloc kitchen mixer taps are structured to strongly resist rusting and oxidation even with daily use and exposure to moisture.  Defined by brushed and glossy finishes, these taps have a smooth texture and the right balance of a glistening hue. 

Made with an array of high-quality materials, our monobloc kitchen mixer taps are structured to strongly resist rusting and oxidation even with daily use and exposure to moisture.  Defined by brushed and glossy finishes, these taps have a smooth texture and the right balance of a glistening hue. 


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READ MORE ABOUT OUR Monobloc Kitchen Taps

The robust build of our monobloc kitchen taps assures a long-lasting utility with a quality that stands the test of time and remains with a pristine charm even with years of use. 

Understanding The Difference Between Regular Taps and Monobloc Taps

Traditional or regular taps are typically designed with two handles that consist of independent controls for hot and cold water. Each handle balances the flow and temperature without risking fluctuations and provides user-friendly usability. Tap holes range from structure to structure with separate connections for hot and cold water supply lines. See more: Complete Gold Kitchen Taps Collection | Gold Bathroom Taps  

A monobloc sink tap has its characteristic feature with a single tap hole structure and one lever that balances both flow and temperature. This functionality makes it popularly known as single-handed taps. As the model eliminates the need for separate water handles, it saves space and provides ample countertop and basin area without cluttering or limiting mobility. If you are looking for tapware to accommodate smaller-sized kitchens, mono-designs with one mounting hole installation serve as an excellent choice. Visit our exquisitely crafted kitchen tap selection guide: CHOICE OF KITCHEN MIXER TAPS- YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STYLE

Material, Durability and Maintenance: Brass and Stainless Steel

The deck mounted kitchen tap selection is structured either in brass or stainless steel, a choice that homeowners get to make depending on preference, functionality and demands of the space. Promised for long-lasting performance and devised with advanced features like aerators and ceramic disc technology, these taps come as modern solutions.

Brass is revered for its durability, timeless elegance, and versatility, remaining a staple choice in both traditional and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. It boasts durability with high resistance to corrosion, rust and tarnishing which makes this a suitable metal for tapware that is constantly exposed to humid environments and extensive moisture and vapour exposure. 

Maintenance is easy as regular cleaning with a mild soap solution and cloth removes dirt and grime while periodic polishing can also help restore its finish and glimmer. Being a sustainable metal, brass can be recycled indefinitely, ensuring homeowners make a conscious choice towards reducing carbon footprints with the choices they make!

The second selection offers the stainless steel monobloc kitchen mixer taps, known to offer a combination of durability, hygiene, ease of maintenance, versatility, environmental sustainability, and longevity. With its resistance to harsh conditions, these taps do not degrade or deform even with extreme temperature exposure and harsh chemicals, making them suitable for daily use in the kitchen.  

Comfort with L-shape, Swivel and Swan Neck Spouts

Deck mounted kitchen taps from our extensive range of gold products are defined by four spout types- swivel, swan, L-shape and pull-out structures. Each spout helps determine the pattern of flow and other factors such as an aerated stream, multiple modes, etc. With a slim silhouette and offering single or twin lever controls, the spout designs add to the flexibility and accessibility your tap provides.

Swan Neck Spouts: These spouts feature a gracefully curved outline that resembles the neck of a swan and are popular for kitchen and bathroom tapware. Not only does the curved structure add elegance but also increases the accessibility in your countertop area. The high arc combined with the smooth, curved surface makes cleaning easy, making it a practical choice for busy households and commercial settings.

L-Shaped Spouts: This design is characterised by their distinctive L-shaped design, typically with a horizontal section that extends outward from the fixture's base, followed by a vertical section that directs the water flow downward. Known for its space-saving quality, this model maximises the utilisation of your basin area by providing comfortable clearance with added benefits including suitability to most standard plumbing systems.

Swivel Spouts: A swivel spout, also known as a rotating spout, has a versatile functionality that can be rotated or pivoted horizontally. This allows the user to adjust the direction of the water flow as needed, providing greater flexibility and convenience in various tasks and chores. The rotational movement allows users to adjust the position of the tap while also balancing the water flow in the desired area, further enhanced by its suitability to one or two-bowl sinks.

Do You Need a Pull-Out Tap?

The structure of a gold pull-out kitchen tap is defined by a spout that can be pulled out or extended from the tap’s body. The body houses the main components of the tap, including the handle, cartridge, and water supply lines. This fixture is popular in modern kitchens owing to its added flexibility and convenience that allows users to easily reach areas beyond the confines of the sink and direct water flow with precision. The spout is connected to a retractable hose or wand, powered by a magnetic docking mechanism that enables it to be stored compactly without cluttering the space. A selection of these taps is devised with a swivel function, allowing it to rotate horizontally for added flexibility. Learn more: ARE PULL-OUT KITCHEN TAPS ANY GOOD?

Advanced Features That Power Our Tapware

Ceramic Disc Technology: Having a leaky tap can be a common nightmare for many homeowners after investing in luxury tapware. Our monobloc sink taps prevents unwanted drips and drastically reduces wastage by forming a watertight seal using two ceramic discs. Made of highly durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup, the functionality is provided with one disc that moves against a stationary one, creating a clear alignment and a path for water to flow smoothly while regulating water temperature without risking sudden fluctuations.

Water Pressure Requirements: This is a crucial factor that plays a vital role in determining the workability of your tapware where lower pressure than required can lead to disturbance in the water flow or lack of precision. A higher pressure than demanded by your home’s system can lead to damage to plumbing fixtures and pipes, leaks, bursts, and premature wear and tear. A high-pressure fitting ranges between 1 bar to 3 bars while a pressure of below 0.5 bar in taps comes under the category of low-pressure fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monobloc Kitchen Taps

1.What is the difference between a monobloc tap and a mixer tap?

A monobloc tap uses one lever to control both hot and cold water, needing one hole for installation. A mixer tap may have one or two handles and mixes the water in one spout but might require two holes.

2.How do monobloc taps work?

Monobloc taps mix hot and cold water inside the tap through a single lever, letting you adjust water flow and temperature together.

3.What is normally used to connect cold water pipework to a monobloc mixer tap?

Flexible hoses are used to connect the cold water supply to a monobloc mixer tap, making installation easier.

4.What size hole for a monobloc tap?

The hole size for a monobloc tap is usually between 32mm to 35mm in diameter, but always check the tap's specifications.

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