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In the age of advancing technology, innovations continue to revolutionise everyday experiences, even in the most mundane of tasks. Enter the realm of sensor taps, designed with the perfect fusion of convenience, efficiency, and hygiene in modern plumbing fixtures. Equipped with motion sensors, the tapware selection redefines the way your...

In the age of advancing technology, innovations continue to revolutionise everyday experiences, even in the most mundane of tasks. Enter the realm of sensor taps, designed with the perfect fusion of convenience, efficiency, and hygiene in modern plumbing fixtures. Equipped with motion sensors, the tapware selection redefines the way your space works while offering an intuitive approach towards easy functionality and water conservation. At Gold Bathroom UK, we bring you an assortment of deck mounted, and wall mounted taps in a lustrous finish of gold with varying hues. The square and round structures add to the appeal of your space while offering excellent practicality and advanced features that makes your daily tasks more serene and luxurious.

Reward yourself with luxury worth the price you invest with our collection of motion sensor taps. Unlike traditional taps that require manual operation via handles or levers, the exquisite selection is equipped with motion sensors that detect the presence of hands or objects, triggering the flow of water. This hands-free operation eliminates the need for physical contact and thus, minimises the risk of cross-contamination and promotes enhanced hygiene practices. Allow yourself the perfect combination by investing in a countertop basin from our selection, adorning stunning shades of gold.

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Durability Of Sensor Motion Taps

The automatic sensor taps are constructed with either stainless steel or brass, both materials that boast excellent durability and tolerance to rusting and oxidation. Brass fixtures require regular maintenance to prevent tarnishing and maintain their appearance. While routine cleaning with a mild detergent and soft cloth is usually sufficient, occasional polishing may be necessary to restore shine. The metal is also known for its sustainability and can be recycled and repurposed which adds to its eco-friendliness. The antimicrobial properties prevent bacterial spread, making water safe and cleaner for consumption.

A stainless-steel sensor tap preserves integrity even with exposure to harsh chemicals and hard water, making it suitable for demanding environments like your kitchens and bathrooms. This range offers a sleek and modern aesthetic characterised by clean lines, minimalist profiles, and a reflective finish. With a non-porous surface, these taps are easy to clean and maintain and are known to strongly resist bacterial growth and staining, requiring only routine cleaning which makes them ideal for everyday use.

We offer complete sets to ensure you fall nothing short of a spa-like venture when building your home. For this, we offer an assortment of basin waste solutions to further enhance the workability of your taps. This drainage solution is completed by the basin trap, typically designed to be installed beneath the basin, which connects the drain outlet with the overflow pipe. It forms a seal by retaining a small amount of water that blocks unwanted odour and gases from the drain from entering your space and ruining the ambience and feel.

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Functionality And Features

The design of the gold touchless tap is completed with sophisticated sensor technology, which operates on principles of infrared, ultrasonic, or capacitive sensing. The sensors are strategically positioned within the tap to detect motion within a specified range and activate water flow when needed, automatically shutting off after a predetermined period of inactivity. These taps can be turned on/off powered by batteries or electricity, where battery-operated taps offer flexibility in installation and maintenance without additional wire work, while electric taps may require access to a power source but offer continuous operation without the need for battery replacement. For maximum comfort in usage, the taps we offer can be connected both via mains and batteries, providing an alternative for every possible complication.

The deck and wall mounted sensor tap selection enhances hygiene by eliminating the need for physical contact, minimising the spread of germs and bacteria in frequently visited spaces like your bathrooms. Added benefits include water conservation where these taps disperse water only with detected motion and automatically shut off in the absence of movement. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that water is not left running unnecessarily, conserving valuable resources and enabling lower utility costs.

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Deck Mounted Taps Versus Wall Mounted Taps

The choice between wall mounted and deck mounted sensor taps depends on several factors, including aesthetic preferences, space constraints, and practical considerations.

Deck Mounted Taps: Installation for deck taps is more straightforward as it requires direct mounting on the surface of the countertop sink through pre-drilled holes. However, it is essential to consider that the size of your tap aligns with the hole on the surface as non-compatibility can lead to gaps that result in leaks and other malfunctions. With flexibility in placement and configuration, these taps are easy to clean and maintain as they are installed above the surface, and access to the tap and plumbing connections is readily available, simplifying routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning and repairs.

Wall Mounted Taps: Requiring proper positioning of the tap and plumbing connections within the wall makes the installation procedure more complex for wall mounted sensor taps. Serving as excellent alternatives for small bathrooms, this design frees up valuable space on the deck or countertop and allows ample clearance to complete tasks in a more manageable manner. The design also offers a clean aesthetic with the tap spout that directly protrudes from the wall and can be customised at a preferred height.

Sensor taps are designed without handles and rather feature a sleek, streamlined spout that elongates from the wall and deck surface. By eliminating the design of traditional handles, these taps breeze a compact look without clutter while making installation easy, requiring fewer components and connections. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the need for complex plumbing work, making the assortment a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Elegance With Brushed Finish and Spout Structures

The sensor taps come with a durable build further strengthened by the stunning brushed finish. Providing a subtle texture, the finish provides fine parallel lines or patterns that run in the direction of a brushing motion. The textured, grainy appearance increases durability by concealing fingerprints and stains and requires less maintenance as compared to shiny, polished finishes. Brushed finishes are relatively easy to maintain where routine maintenance typically involves wiping the surface with a soft cloth and mild detergent to remove dirt and stains. For more stubborn marks, a gentle abrasive cleaner may be used without damaging the finish.

The spout design of motion sensor taps from the assortment includes curved and fixed designs. With curved structures, the water outlet extends outward in a gentle U-shape from the main body, creating a visually pleasing silhouette. The curved shape of the spout allows for easy access to the water stream, making it convenient for daily tasks while ensuring stability and consistent water flow, minimising splashing and ensuring precise control over water direction. Straight spouts feature clean and simple lines and are adaptable to various sink configurations and design preferences. The straight, horizontal design of the spout provides easy access, making it convenient for everyday tasks where users can precisely control the direction and flow of water without the need for additional adjustments.

An advanced ceramic disc technology powers each of the automatic sensor taps to function without unwanted leaks and drips. This property drastically enhances the way water is controlled and delivered, featuring two ceramic discs that are precision-engineered to fit together with exceptional accuracy. When the tap is turned on, these discs move relative to each other, either aligning to allow water to flow or rotating to shut off the flow completely. It allows precise control and allows users to adjust the settings with ease and accuracy. The smooth, frictionless operation of the discs ensures a consistent and controlled flow of water, eliminating drips, leaks, or sudden temperature changes.

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