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How Much Should Fitting a Bathroom Cost? Your Gold Bathroom UK Guide

by Elena M 15 Jan 2024
how much fitting a bathroom cost

The vision of golden hues reflecting off your bathroom tiles is alluring, but what does it take financially to turn this dream into a reality? Whether you're looking to install a full gold bathroom set or add selective touches like a brushed gold bathroom tap, understanding the costs involved is critical for a successful renovation.

The Layers of Cost in Bathroom Fitting

Who Will Fit Your Bathroom?

The journey to your opulent bathroom begins with choosing the right team for the job. Options range from a DIY approach to hiring a specialist bathroom fitter. While doing it yourself can save up to 60% of costs, certain tasks, such as bathroom electrics, require professional expertise. On the other hand, bathroom design and installation companies offer convenience but at a higher price point.

Cost of Fitting a Bathroom

A basic retrofit by a plumber might start around £1,000, while comprehensive refurbishments can exceed £6,500. The price is influenced by location, bathroom size, and the quality of fixtures. High-end choices like gold bathroom accessories or a rose gold bathroom sink will increase the budget.

Hidden Costs to Watch For

Consider potential extra costs like new soil pipes, underfloor heating, or structural changes for sunken baths. Premium options like gold bathroom accessories the range offers may also contribute to a higher end total.

Budgeting for Gold: Splurge vs. Save

Where to Invest

Your gold taps for the bathroom or that coveted gold bathroom shower set could be worth the splurge. These focal points create the luxurious atmosphere desired in a gold-themed bathroom.

Where to Save

You could economize on aspects like tiling or painting, which, with a bit of research and effort, can be DIY projects. Also, consider sales or mixed-material options for items such as a gold bathroom basin or gold accessories for the bathroom.

Sourcing Your Sanitaryware and Accessories

Purchasing from online retailers or DIY warehouses often results in savings. For instance, a gold bathroom towel radiator or a brushed gold bathroom faucet might come at a better price online than through a designer showroom. However, ensure you're not compromising on quality for these essential items.

The True Cost of a Gold Bathroom Set

Incorporating gold into your bathroom speaks volumes about style but also impacts the budget. While a gold bathroom accessories set UK brands offer may come with a hefty price tag, it's an investment in your home's character and appeal.

Money-Saving Tips for a Luxe Look

  • Shop around for deals on gold bathroom accessories.
  • Consider refurbishing existing pieces with a gold finish.
  • Look out for discounted floor models or end-of-line sales.
  • Balance high-ticket items with cost-effective basics.

Final Thoughts on Fitting a Gold Bathroom

Creating a bathroom that glistens with gold accents is an investment in your home's comfort and sophistication. It requires a balance of strategic planning, savvy shopping, and knowing when to hire professionals versus tackling tasks yourself.


 Installing a gold bathroom in the UK can be a substantial investment, but with careful planning, you can control costs without compromising luxury. Account for both labor and materials, and consider where you can DIY to save. Splurge on standout pieces like gold bathroom taps or a rose gold bathroom sink, and find balance with more affordable options where possible. 

Have you planned a budget for your gold bathroom makeover? What tips can you share for integrating luxury elements like a gold bathroom set or gold mixer taps for the bathroom without overspending? Join the discussion below!

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