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Golden Gleam: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Luxury Gold Shower in the UK

by Elena M 30 Nov 2023
Golden Gleam: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Luxury Gold Shower in the UK


Embracing the elegance of a gold shower can transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of an antique gold shower head or the sleek look of a brushed gold shower set, the installation process can be a rewarding DIY project or an important task for your plumber.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to ensure your golden dreams turn into reality.

Choosing Your Gold Shower

Selecting the right gold shower for your bathroom is the first step. Consider the overall style of your bathroom and your personal preferences.

Do you prefer the vintage allure of an antique gold shower head, or are you more inclined towards the modern finesse of a brushed gold shower set?

Ensure that your choice complements other fixtures like the gold shower mixer or the gold shower waste.

Preparing for Installation

Gather Your Tools:

You'll need a variety of tools, including drills, screwdrivers, sealant, and possibly a pipe cutter.

Understand Your Water System:

Know whether you have a gravity-fed system, a combi boiler, or a pumped system, as this will determine the type of gold shower mixer or gold mixer shower that you can install.

Water Pressure Check:

Ensure your water pressure is adequate for the gold shower set UK you have selected. This is crucial for the optimal performance of gold showers.


Take precise measurements of your space, especially if you plan to install a gold shower niche for added functionality and style.

Installation Process

installing shower

Turn Off Water Supply:

Safety first. Make sure the water supply is turned off before starting your installation.

Remove Existing Fixtures:

If you're replacing an old shower, carefully remove it to make way for your new gold shower set.

Install the Base and Walls:

If you're doing a full installation, you'll need to install the shower tray and tile or fit the shower enclosure walls before installing the gold shower head and controls.

Fit the Shower Mixer:

For a gold shower mixer, follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure it's fitted correctly and at the right height.

Connect the Water Supply:

This step is crucial and may require some plumbing knowledge – connecting the water supply pipes to your gold mixer shower or gold shower set.

Seal and Test:

Once everything is installed, use a high-quality sealant around edges and test the shower for any leaks.

Finishing Touches

Add the final touches to your installation with a brushed gold shower waste and other brushed gold bathroom accessories for a cohesive look.


Installing a gold shower can significantly boost the luxury factor of your bathroom. By following these steps and choosing the right fixtures, like a gold shower head or a gold shower set UK, you can enjoy a blend of opulence and functionality in your daily routine.

If you've installed a gold shower in your home, what was the most crucial aspect of the process for you? Share your experiences and any advice you have for those looking to undertake a similar project.

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