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The Ultimate Shower Waste and Shower Trap Buying Guide

by Elena M 18 Jan 2024
The Ultimate Shower Waste and Shower Trap Buying Guide

A refreshing shower is not only about the right showerhead and water pressure; it also depends on the efficiency of your shower waste and shower trap. These seemingly small components play a significant role in maintaining a clean and odor-free bathroom. If you're planning a bathroom renovation or simply looking to upgrade your shower waste and trap, this ultimate buying guide will help you make an informed decision.

Why Are Shower Wastes and Traps Important?

Before delving into the buying guide, it's essential to understand the importance of shower wastes and traps. These components serve several crucial functions:

  1. Water Drainage: Shower wastes, also known as shower drains, are responsible for efficiently draining water from your shower area. They prevent water from pooling, which can lead to slippery floors and damage.

  2. Odor Prevention: A well-designed shower trap helps prevent foul odors and gases from the sewer system from entering your bathroom. This ensures a pleasant and hygienic environment.

  3. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Shower traps trap debris, hair, and soap scum, preventing them from clogging your pipes. This ensures that your drainage system remains clean and efficient.

Now that we understand their importance, let's explore how to choose the right shower waste and trap for your needs.

Types of Shower Wastes

Shower wastes come in various types, each with its unique features and advantages:

  1. Linear Drains: These are sleek and modern drains that sit flush with the shower floor. They provide efficient drainage and a contemporary look to your shower.

  2. Point Drains: Point drains are the most common type, featuring a central drain opening. They are cost-effective and easy to install.

  3. Tile Insert Drains: These drains blend seamlessly with your shower tiles, offering a discreet and stylish appearance.

shower waste and shower trap buying guide

Considerations When Buying Shower Wastes and Traps

  1. Drainage Capacity: The drainage capacity of your waste and trap should match your shower's water output. Make sure it can handle the flow without causing water buildup.

  2. Material: Opt for materials like stainless steel or brass for durability and corrosion resistance. Plastic options are also available for budget-friendly choices.

  3. Design and Aesthetics: Choose a design that complements your bathroom's style. Linear drains are excellent for modern bathrooms, while traditional bathrooms may benefit from point drains with decorative grates.

  4. Ease of Cleaning: Look for designs that are easy to clean and maintain. Some traps have removable components for convenient cleaning.

  5. Odor Prevention: Ensure your trap has a water seal or membrane that prevents sewer odors from entering your bathroom.

  6. Installation: Consider whether you'll install the waste and trap during a new build or a renovation. Some types are easier to retrofit than others.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your shower waste and trap in optimal condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Remove hair and debris from the drain and trap regularly to prevent clogs.

  2. Use Drain Covers: Invest in drain covers or hair catchers to reduce the amount of hair and debris entering the trap.

  3. Chemical Cleaning: Occasionally use a mild drain cleaner to prevent soap scum buildup.

  4. Professional Inspection: If you experience drainage issues or foul odors, consult a professional plumber to inspect and maintain your waste and trap.


Don't underestimate the significance of shower wastes and traps in your bathroom. Investing in the right components ensures efficient drainage, a clean environment, and a pleasant shower experience. Consider your bathroom's design, drainage needs, and maintenance preferences when selecting the perfect shower waste and trap. With proper care and maintenance, these small components will serve you well for years to come, making your daily showers a more enjoyable experience.

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