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Gold breathes luxury and opulence in any space and with our series of tapware embalmed with the right element of a golden hue, your space is bound to stand out. Whether you want a polished gold finish for a glamorous statement or a brushed gold finish for a more subdued...

Gold breathes luxury and opulence in any space and with our series of tapware embalmed with the right element of a golden hue, your space is bound to stand out. Whether you want a polished gold finish for a glamorous statement or a brushed gold finish for a more subdued elegance, a brass kitchen sink tap from Gold Bathroom UK is bound to add a timeless charm and warmth to the room. With versatility in design and the ability to complement a range of interior styles, the stunning assortment serves as both practical fixtures and stylish accents, transforming ordinary kitchens into extraordinary culinary sanctuaries.

Brass Taps: Timeless Strength, Lasting Performance

Our vast arrangement of brass kitchen taps is made to serve with permanence and last with longevity owing to the sturdy manufacturing. This powers each adornment to provide a high tolerance to rusting and oxidation, making it ideal for daily use in places with constant moisture exposure. As a modern innovation, these taps are completed with a stunning finish that grants them a smooth texture, providing quick cleaning properties that require only a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and mild detergent to restore their shine.

Renowned for its exceptional durability, brass is a popular choice for fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. It is made up of an alloy of copper and zinc that grants it a robust structure to resist corrosion and oxidation. The high tolerance to humid bathroom environments, vapour and exposure to harsh cleaning agents make the brass kitchen mixer taps ideal choices. This robust construction further makes the taps capable of withstanding frequent use, exposure to water, and fluctuations in temperature without compromising their integrity. An added feature is the natural antimicrobial properties that prevent the risk of bacterial growth in taps, making water cleaner and safe for consumption.

Our diverse assortment also offers a range of stainless steel taps, projecting the same degree of durability and flexibility. See related collection: Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Taps Collection

Exploring Different Types of Brass Taps

The gold kitchen tap assortment comprises extravagant pieces featuring single tap hole structures with stunning lever handles offering single or dual controls. Installation is a smooth sailing task with these deck-mounted designs which are characterised by distinct features in spouts and configurations.

What are swivel spouts? A swivel spout is designed to rotate or pivot around its base, allowing users to adjust the direction of the water flow. This flexibility enables users to direct the water precisely where needed, making daily tasks more convenient and efficient. With suitability to one and two-bowl sinks, this variety offers enhanced manoeuvrability compared to fixed spouts, optimising sink space and providing greater reach and coverage.

Single and twin lever taps: Monobloc taps, which are also known as single-handle/single-hole taps, provide a lever or knob that controls water flow and temperature with a one-hand operation. This makes them ideal for busy households and for individuals who appreciate simplicity and efficiency. It is also excellently space-saving as compared to dual handles as it takes less room on the counter surface and fits perfectly in smaller sinks and spaces, allowing a cleaner and less cluttered look. Dual handles provide independent controls for hot and cold water which enables users to attain a precise temperature control without interrupting flow rate. 

Tap Spouts and Handles: An In-Depth Look at Diverse Designs

If you are looking for a design apart from the swivel style, we also bring you an assortment of L-shaped spouts. The single lever kitchen mixer tap stands out distinctly with its angular shape that resembles the letter ‘L’. With a structure that bends at a 90-degree angle, the spouts are ideal as they provide a precise and controlled water flow with space-saving properties that make them ideal for smaller sinks and countertops. Another stunning model is the swan neck spout that features a curved design that adds elegance to any space with its elongated, arched shape. While balancing the aesthetics, this style also grants ample space to make your daily chores a breeze!

Diving into more advanced styles with pull-out taps: The brass selection offers the pull out kitchen mixer tap, which is an ideal detail if you want added flexibility in usability. Providing accessibility even beyond the basin area, the base or body of the tap is the main housing that contains the internal components and connects to the water supply lines. The spout extends from the base, serving as an outlet for water flow and holds a retractable hose and spray head. This head is pulled down or out from the spout for use and retracts back into place when not in use while the hose provides flexibility and is typically made of reinforced nylon or braided stainless steel that aids in its smooth docking mechanism.

Brass kitchen taps with pull out spray are connected to the water supply lines and equipped with seals to prevent leaks. Its functionality is increased by the dual modes for controlling water flow and pressure- spray and stream options. Spray mode disperses water in a wide, fan-like pattern with a concentrated jet spray that enables removing food particles or cleaning the sink basin. A more softer and aerated spray is provided by the stream mode that produces a steady, focused flow of water in a straight, narrow stream. It works excellently for tasks that require precision and controlled water flow with added comfort enabled by the simple toggling of buttons that makes functionality manageable and easy.

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Exploring the Elegance of Gold Finish and Its Varied Shades

Monobloc kitchen taps in Gold Bathroom UK are diversified in various hues and finishes of the rich tone to provide ample choice for all homeowners in designing the home of their dreams! Polished gold finishes are defined by shiny, reflective surfaces that exude grandeur in any room. The high sheen of polished gold creates a striking contrast against dark or matt surfaces, enhancing visual interest. Brushed gold taps adorn a softer appearance than polished ones with subtle, brushed textured lines. These grooves make the taps less prone to fingerprints and water spots, demanding less effort in maintenance.

Brushed bronze kitchen mixer taps invite warmth and refinement with their soft, muted tone. While adding visual interest and texture to your space, this finish also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere that sets the right ambience for your kitchens! The brushed texture helps to conceal minor scratches and fingerprints, making it easier to maintain and keep clean. What are some key factors to consider while purchasing kitchen tapware and other accessories? Find out for a blissful venture with our blog: CHOICE OF KITCHEN MIXER TAPS YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STYLE

Water Pressure Requirements and Installation Guidelines

Water pressure requirements and proper installation are crucial factors in ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of tapware in bathrooms and kitchens. Our diverse assortment ranges from low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) to high-pressure taps (1 bar-3 bars) with suitability to most standard plumbing. This is important to consider as insufficient water pressure can result in weak or inconsistent flow, while excessively high water pressure can cause damage to the tap components and plumbing system over time. Homeowners can use a water pressure gauge or seek professional help to measure the water pressure before choosing fixtures.

Installing our gold kitchen taps are made user-friendly with the manufacturer’s instructions and DIY guides (see: How To Change A Kitchen Tap). If you are unsure about installing a new tap yourself or if you encounter any complications during the installation process, it is best to hire a professional plumber! 

Ceramic Disc Technology and Innovative Drainage Solutions

Each of our monobloc kitchen taps is devised with an advanced ceramic disc cartridge that moves away from the limitations of traditional rubber washers. The functionality is provided by two highly durable discs where one moves against a stationary one, sliding against the other to control the flow of water. This design also creates a watertight seal that prevents unwanted leaks and drips even after extensive use in humid bathroom and kitchen settings. The smooth action of ceramic discs allows for precise control over water flow and temperature, making the taps easy to operate and efficient to use.

After selecting a tapware that best suits your requirements, investing in an innovative drainage solution can be an excellent boon for your basin area! Designed to blend perfectly with our assortment of gold taps, the kitchen sink waste selection incorporates advanced features such as built-in strainers, overflow protection, and easy-to-clean designs to improve performance and hygiene. The basket strainer has a removable structure that captures debris and solid food particles, preventing it from entering the plumbing system. This is connected with the waste pipe, usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or metal, and is designed to withstand the flow of water and debris from the sink.

The trap is a curved section of pipe located beneath the sink that is designed to hold water and prevent sewer gases from entering the home. These are typically adjustable or removable to make maintenance easy, which is crucial as regular cleaning is required to prevent the buildup of debris and maintain proper drainage flow. In the event of a clog or blockage in the main drain, excess water in the sink flows into the overflow and is directed to the drainage system, preventing water from spilling over onto the countertop or floor. It is typically located near the top of the sink basin, just below the rim (available in round and square structures).


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