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A bathroom towel radiator is a multifunctional item that seeks to deliver no compromise in performance quality by keeping your towels warm and your space snug. Our selection of heated towel rail radiators for bathrooms is offered in various designs, sizes and styles to meet all the prerequisites of your...

A bathroom towel radiator is a multifunctional item that seeks to deliver no compromise in performance quality by keeping your towels warm and your space snug. Our selection of heated towel rail radiators for bathrooms is offered in various designs, sizes and styles to meet all the prerequisites of your space. As a quintessential element, each towel warmer features sturdy steel manufacturing. Know more about your investment in a modern towel rail radiator with our blog: CHOOSING THE RIGHT RADIATOR FOR YOUR HOME: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE


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Golden Warmth: Discover the Luxury of Gold Towel Radiators in Your Bathroom

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Number of Bars and Structure

These heating devices not only provide warmth and comfort but also add visual interest and versatility to the space. Accommodating the needs of all-size bathrooms, the selection of gold towel rail radiators present the same design in varying sizes which is determined by the number of bars offered. This not only provides ample space to hang your towels dry but also determines the heat output that is required in warming the room. A larger space may demand a larger structure with a higher BTU and vice versa.

A traditional towel radiator strays away from the numerous bar structures of modern designs. With this range, users are provided with a certain number of overhanging rails or tubes (depending on model and size). It is characterised by vintage-like styling elements such as ornate detailing, classic curves, and intricate patterns while another selection offers simple, round bars with a ladder design. Regardless of the aesthetic, each fitting is devised with advanced features that enable the regulation of the desired flow and temperature effortlessly.

Flat Panel Radiators

A flat panel towel radiator represents a sleek and contemporary approach to heating solutions and features a minimalist design characterised by clean lines and low-profile construction. The hallmark of this design is the slim, unobtrusive profile that blends seamlessly into any interior without overpowering the space. The signature flat surface and compact design make these structures particularly suitable for spaces with limited wall space.

Despite their slim profile, the gold towel rail radiator in the flat panel design delivers impressive heat output and efficiency, providing a larger surface area for heat distribution that allows quick and even warming of the room. Installation of flat panel radiators is straightforward, with options for wall-mounted configurations to accommodate various layouts and heating requirements. The lightweight construction and flexible mounting make these a versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

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BTU, Heat Output and More

Dual Fuel: The modern towel rail has a dual fuel property meaning that the fitting can be connected to both the central heating system and an independent electric heating element. The primary benefit of dual fuel fittings is the ability to heat the room independently of the central heating system and is particularly useful during warmer months when the central heating is not in use. It also provides a backup heating source in cases of failure of the central heating system.

British Thermal Unit (BTU): This represents the heating capacity of the modern and traditional towel radiator and enables homeowners to determine the suitability for heating the room. The higher the heat output rating, the greater the heating capacity of the appliance, meaning it can generate more heat and effectively warm larger areas. Our selection caters to a diverse range of BTU requirements with detailed specifications under each product that makes selection more convenient.

Heating Element: The heating element in radiators is the component responsible for generating heat and transferring it to the surrounding air which helps in warming the room. In radiators connected to a central heating system, the heating element is typically hot water or stream that flows through the radiator's pipes or panels. While in electric radiators, the heating element is an electric resistor that produces heat when electricity passes through it. Pairing the product with the dual fuel radiator valve enables usability through both sources.

Radiator Valves: From straight, corner to angled designs, the radiator valves aid in controlling the flow of hot water or steam into radiators, allowing for precise regulation and energy efficiency. Its primary feature is to regulate temperature while controlling the heating output for personalised comfort throughout your room. Whether you want straight or angled towel rail valves, these fixtures help connect the radiator pipes without leaving any awkward corners or recesses for a compact, clutter-free space.

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