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Upgrade your kitchen and step out of your comfort zone by venturing out from the setup of a stereotypical home interior! Our assortment of modern kitchen taps is crafted with a close eye on details and is adorned with an ideal, balanced degree of a golden hue.  What makes our...

Upgrade your kitchen and step out of your comfort zone by venturing out from the setup of a stereotypical home interior! Our assortment of modern kitchen taps is crafted with a close eye on details and is adorned with an ideal, balanced degree of a golden hue. 

What makes our taps distinct is the rich golden shade that ranges in various finishes and tones to give homeowners more than just one option while looking to install opulence in the sink area! With a high tolerance to rusting and oxidation, our selection of modern fittings is perfect if you want a permanent home solution.The array of high-quality materials that go into its manufacturing grants each detail the scratch-proof and stain-resistant properties and ensures the lustre is retained even with years of vigorous usage.

At Gold Bathroom UK, we are committed to bringing each homeowner face-to-face with an endless realm of possibilities while renovating your kitchens and bathrooms. The assortment of modern taps offers durability and reliability for long-lasting performance while embalming a diverse range of finishes.Each product is offered with a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee covering up to 15 years (depending on product and usage) to give every buyer assurance against unwanted malfunctions and defects. 

Our dedicated team can be reached easily via live chat and email, while our wide selection of products is also available in stores! Whether you want assistance in picking the right products, troubleshooting issues or queries, we are just a click away!


What Makes Our Assortment Of Modern Kitchen Taps Unique?

The defining feature of our modern deck mounted kitchen taps is the sleek Monobloc structure, designed to be installed on surface  with a single-hole configuration. The spout and handles are housed within the body of the tap and are known for serving excellently with space-saving properties.With a user-friendly installation manual and quick accessibility, the selection of kitchen sink taps is often favoured for their simplicity, ease of use, and space-saving design. Fixing the tap on the deck surface does not require complicated plumbing work, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts, however, ensuring compatibility with the existing plumbing setup and dimensions of the sink/basin are important factors to consider before starting the procedure. 

With suitability for both residential and commercial settings, these taps range from low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) and high-pressure (1 bar-3 bars) configurations, allowing homeowners to choose as per requirements, offering a convenient and stylish solution for controlling water flow and temperature.

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Exquisitely crafted to meet the standards of all modern homes, the sink taps are devised with ceramic disc technology in their mechanism that enables blissful control and flow of water. Deviating away from the limitations of traditional rubber washers that degrade after only a considerable amount of use, this property is known for its durability and is constructed from high-quality ceramic materials such as porcelain or ceramic composites. This feature operates with two discs, a movable and a stationary one that are engineered with extremely precise tolerances, which means there is very little friction between them. This results in smooth and effortless operation.

Designed for zero leaks with minimal demand for frequent repairs, the assortment provides watertight property. Owing to ceramic being non-porous and resistant to corrosion, these discs maintain integrity over time, promising long-lasting performance without unwanted glitches. Each of our kitchen sink taps is embalmed with this advanced property, making them ideal fittings for extensive use in heavy-traffic areas like your kitchen. See the complete collection: Kitchen Taps Complete Catalogue

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Brass and Stainless Steel Taps: Properties, Advantages, and Considerations

Stainless steel and brass are both popular materials used in the construction of taps and plumbing fixtures. A close understanding of the various properties can enable you to decide on the most suitable piece! 

Stainless steel sink taps are known for their alloy of iron and chromium among other elements that enable them to project strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, tarnishing, and rust. This property makes the tap capable of withstanding heavy use, making it the perfect metal for your kitchen and bathroom tapware. Cleaning is easy where stainless steel being non-porous, stands out as a hygienic choice for plumbing fixtures.

Brass modern taps consist primarily of an alloy of copper and zinc which project excellent durability, machinability, and an attractive appearance. This selection is popular as it is comparatively easy to work with, meaning it offers a wider range of detailing and intricate designs in tap construction. Natural antimicrobial properties make these taps ideal for daily use in the kitchen as they can help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of fixtures. Compared to stainless steel, brass requires a little more effort for maintenance or occasional polishing to maintain its appearance and prevent tarnishing.

Ultimately, the choice between stainless steel and brass for taps and plumbing fixtures depends on factors such as aesthetic preferences, budget, durability requirements, and the specific application or environment in which the fixtures will be installed! 

Choosing the Right Finish: Considerations for Tap Selection and Interior Design

Whether you want to invite a warm tone, a subtle satin-like touch or a glossy, reflective charm, our assortment of gold taps offers a diverse selection to suit best with the vision you have for your home! A brushed gold kitchen tap features a textured finish that gives a soft, matt appearance. This finish is achieved by lightly brushing the surface to create a consistent texture and hue. Inviting a warm tone, this selection with its grooves or parallel lines flaunts not only aesthetic appeal but also makes them highly durable against fingerprints and water spots.

Bronze sink taps have a darker and richer hue compared to the brushed brass series, offering a timeless and classic look that adds character to any space. Known for its rustic and vintage-inspired charm, these taps invite an equal balance of modern sophistication that meets longevity. Polished finishes create a shiny and reflective surface that adds a touch of glamour. 

Elevating overall aesthetics, these finishes feature a mirror-like appeal that makes the space visually pleasing. However, they may require more maintenance to keep them looking their best and are often considered a premium option. The two-tone taps like this White & Gold Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Tap create a visual contrast while offering versatility in design, allowing for coordination with various colour schemes and decor styles.

Understanding Tap Components: Handles and Spouts

Handles and spouts are determining factors of taps and play a drastic role in providing accessibility for daily use while also contributing to the overall look and charm. From single to dual lever designs, the round levers provide easy intuitive operation to balance temperature and pressure without affecting flow. Single handles control both flow and temperature, offering convenience and comfort by allowing users to adjust settings with a one-hand operation. With dual handles, users can regulate hot and cold water with separate handles that work independently.

Deck mounted kitchen taps from our collection are designed in two popular styles- the curved, elegantly bent swan neck, L-shaped and swivel spouts. These are modelled to provide ample space and accessibility to make your daily chores a breeze while featuring quick mounting and low maintenance. Compatible with both one and two-bowl sinks, swivel spouts have a rotating base that allows the tap to swivel from side to side. This feature enhances manoeuvrability and convenience, allowing users to direct the water flow precisely where needed.

Understanding Pull Out Taps: A groundbreaking innovation in the world of kitchen modifications and tapware is the kitchen tap with pull out spray. These designs feature a detachable spray head that can be pulled out or down from the tap. Providing two modes for smooth functionality, the spray mode delivers water in a wide, dispersed pattern through a specialised spray head attached to the tap. 

The spray head typically features multiple nozzles or jets that allow the water flow to break up into smaller droplets, creating a powerful and efficient spray pattern. Stream mode provides water in a steady, concentrated flow without dispersing or splashing. This mode is achieved by controlling the flow of water through the tap aerator, which regulates the size and shape of the water stream.

Maximum comfort in use and accessibility to make your everyday routine is provided by the selection of gold taps with pull out spray. This design features a retractable spray head that is attached to a flexible hose that allows users to extend and manoeuvre the spray head beyond the sink. Make your everyday chore a convenient task with the help of the ultra-flexible spray that can be twisted and turned to cover a wider area!

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Crucial Components of a Functional Kitchen: Kitchen Sink Wastes

Kitchen sink wastes are vital in ensuring wastewater drains properly without clogging or flooding the basin area, drastically boosting the workability of your selection of kitchen taps. The basket strainer (available individually or in combination sets) is a removable component that sits inside the drain outlet to catch solid debris and prevent it from entering the drainage system. Typically designed with a 90mm dimension, it has a versatile round structure and suits perfectly with all standard basin systems. An overflow pipe connects the basket strainer to the drainage system, allowing water and waste disposal.

The trap forms another crucial part of this system and retains a small amount of water to prevent sewer gases from entering the kitchen. It also collects debris and prevents clogs from forming further down the drainage system. Proper maintenance of kitchen sink wastes and drainage is essential to prevent clogs, odours, and other plumbing issues. Regular cleaning of the basket strainer and P-trap to remove debris, as well as occasional flushing of the drain with hot water, can help keep the drainage system clear and free-flowing.

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