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Elevate your daily shower routine into a luxurious experience effortlessly with a gold shower riser kit. Designed to enhance any home decor and offer versatile functionality, these kits include a sleek handset, available in either a round or microphone structure, along with a flexible hose and secure outlet for convenient...

Elevate your daily shower routine into a luxurious experience effortlessly with a gold shower riser kit. Designed to enhance any home decor and offer versatile functionality, these kits include a sleek handset, available in either a round or microphone structure, along with a flexible hose and secure outlet for convenient storage when not in use. Crafted from durable brass material, these fittings are built to withstand daily use in both bath and shower areas, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to rust and oxidation. 


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User-friendly and versatile, our shower riser rail kit is a must-have for any home, offering maximum adjustments for different user heights and preferences. With easy wall-mounted installation, they remain securely in place even after years of use. These fittings accommodate a wide range of water pressure systems, ensuring optimal performance in both high and low-pressure homes. These are all-in-one solutions to breeze your everyday shower routine, granting every homeowner the luxury of a complete spa-like experience at the luxury of your home.

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Components of a Shower Rail Kit

A shower slider rail kit is made up of several essential components that collectively contribute to a functional and versatile showering experience. These include:

Handset: Serving as the handset of the kit, the hand shower is the primary source of water delivery. Varying from product to product, this fitting features different spray patterns, such as rainfall, massage, or mist, providing users with options to customise their shower experience.

Riser: The shower riser rail slider provides vertical support that stabilises the whole structure firmly and features base plates that help with the mounting process. With height-adjustable mechanisms, this fitting allows users to position the holder and hand shower at the preferred height without risking strain and ensures optimal comfort.

Hose: An essential element that brings flexibility to the shower rail kit is the metal hose that connects the handset to the water supply. It facilitates flow and is constructed of quality materials like stainless steel or reinforced PVC. With lengths ranging from 1.5 metres to 2 metres, this part of the kit allows users with ample reach and clearance to manoeuvre the handset around the shower enclosure.

Bracket: Also known as the holder, this element secures the handset to the riser rail allowing a compact way to store it without obstructing the shower area and its access. Featuring an adjustable design, the bracket allows users to tilt or swivel the handset to their desired angle for targeted water flow.

To make installation a manageable task, the hand rail for shower includes various mounting hardware components such as screws, anchors, and brackets, necessary for securing the riser and bracket to the wall or enclosure. These components ensure a secure and stable installation, preventing the shower rail system from shifting or coming loose during use.

Modern and Traditional Designs

The gold shower riser kit is offered in both modern and traditional designs, each offering unique features and aesthetics to suit different preferences and bathroom styles. Both ranges comprise the same components but are characterised by various elements.

Modern Selection: Modern riser kits typically feature clean lines, minimalist shapes, and sleek finishes. The handset is the defining factor with its pencil or microphone design which grants a streamlined look. Adjustments are provided by the round handle with mounting made hassle-free by the circular base plates.

Traditional Selection: Traditional shower rail kits draw inspiration from vintage and historical styles, incorporating ornate details, intricate patterns, and decorative finishes. They exude a timeless charm and elegance that complements traditional bathroom decor. Handsets feature porcelain handles, ceramic accents, or crosshead valves which add character and sophistication to the showering ensemble. With square base plates, the telephone-design handset invites a relaxing rainfall-like shower routine any day!

Additional Features

The shower slider rail kit has ceramic disc technology that represents a significant advancement in plumbing fixtures. These discs are incredibly durable and resistant to wear, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance over time. They provide precise control over water flow and temperature, allowing users to adjust settings effortlessly. The discs create a watertight seal, preventing drips and leaks which ensures that water is only dispensed when needed, contributing to water conservation efforts and reducing utility costs.

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