Exposed Shower Mixer Valves

Exposed showers mixer valves are installed on the surface of the wall, rather than being concealed within the wall cavity. It typically consists of a central control unit, which is the bar valve or mixer, mounted directly onto the wall. The exposed nature of the valve means that the controls...

Exposed showers mixer valves are installed on the surface of the wall, rather than being concealed within the wall cavity. It typically consists of a central control unit, which is the bar valve or mixer, mounted directly onto the wall. The exposed nature of the valve means that the controls are visible, adding a distinctive aesthetic element to the shower area. 


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Components of an Exposed Shower Valve

The components of exposed shower mixer valves typically include:

Bar Valve: This acts as the central control unit that controls water temperature and flow. Designed with two round handles that have independent controls, the minimal design offers user-friendly functionality and regulates water flow conveniently through the various outlets.

Diverter Valve: Some exposed shower valves include a diverter valve, which allows users to switch between different shower components such as a fixed showerhead, handheld shower, or body jets. The diverter valve directs the flow of water to the desired outlet.

Rigid Riser: The showerhead is mounted on the rigid riser which provides a stable foundation that keeps it intact and firm. Serving as the central component of the kit, the rigid riser pipe is a vertical metal tube that connects the showerhead to the water supply. It is fixed securely in place to the floor or wall, providing stability and support for the entire shower system. The adjustability settings enable a customised experience allowing the placement to be at a preferred height as per demands and requirements.

Handheld Shower: The design of the handheld shower attachment depends on whether it is a traditional or modern structure. This handheld shower is connected to the valve via a hose and can be removed from its holder for added flexibility and convenience during showering. While traditional structures feature round, telephone-design hand showers, modern designs lean more towards a minimal, pencil handset.


Number of Outlets

These shower valves remain a favoured option for their thermostatic technology, which ensures a consistent water temperature, effectively reducing the risk of scalding incidents. The number of outlets varies from single to triple, allowing users to fit multiple products without risking a cluttered space. The components that can be paired with the exposed valve include showerheads, body jets, handsets and bath spouts which grants users the flexibility to alternate between various showering options.

A shower mixer with rigid riser shower kit offers an all-in-one combination for a rainfall shower experience without the hassle of picking each fitting piece by piece. Adorning a stunning brushed brass finish that features a grainy texture with a subtle, matt look, the set has a round overhead shower with easy cleaning nozzles that have been paired with the equally stunning round hand shower. Flexibility is added by the 1500mm metal hose while adjustments of the rail in the preferred height is allowed by the round lever. Detailed specifications under each product enable homeowners to make more efficient choices for their homes without risking the possibility of malfunctions.  

Thermostatic Features and Additional Properties

Exposed thermostatic shower valves with their visible design grant your bathrooms a distinct appearance and look. Designed for wall mounting, one of the main advantages of this range is the easy installation that does not require cutting into the wall to accommodate the valve body. The exposed nature of these valves makes them easily accessible for maintenance and repairs as they can be readily accessed and serviced without the need for extensive plumbing modifications.

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Thermostatic Features: Engineered for precision, the exposed shower valve is equipped with an advanced mechanism that ensures a safe and comfortable shower every time. With thermostatic controls, you can say goodbye to scalding surprises and sudden temperature changes.The temperature-sensing properties monitor incoming water supply, automatically shutting down in case of system failure allowing users to enjoy a smooth balance of hot and cold water tailored to individual preferences. The anti-scald protection maintains consistency even with changes in water pressure or usage.

Shower Wastes: Increase the functionality of your shower area with the installation of the most suitable exposed/concealed valves with our shower waste collection. With the perfect combination of brass and ABS plastic construction, these fittings are minimal yet do an excellent boon by preventing debris including hair, soap scum and solid particles from entering the drain pipes. It also enhances quick-draining properties, eliminating the risks of a flooded space after a relaxing routine. Explore the collection: Gold Shower Wastes

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