Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves

At Gold Bathroom we bring you a diverse collection of gold concealed thermostatic shower valves that redefine luxury and comfort. Before investing in the right one, there are various things to consider, including the system requirements, interior demands, number of outlets and orientation that will play a massive role in...

At Gold Bathroom we bring you a diverse collection of gold concealed thermostatic shower valves that redefine luxury and comfort. Before investing in the right one, there are various things to consider, including the system requirements, interior demands, number of outlets and orientation that will play a massive role in determining the overall practicality. Improve your bathroom with the right amount of golden brilliance and learn more with our blog: GOLD BATHROOM IDEAS: CRAFTING A LUXURIOUS OASIS IN YOUR HOME


How a Shower Valve Elevates Your Gold Bathroom

Exploring the transformative power of a modern shower valve in gold bathrooms, this guide delves into how such an upgrade enhances aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainability. From thermostatic control to digital innovation, learn how the right shower valve not only modernizes your bathroom but also redefines luxury, comfort, and eco-friendliness in your bathing sanctuary. Elevate your gold bathroom with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design.

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The Complete Guide to Shower Valves and Shower Controls for Your Bathroom

This guide demystifies shower valves and controls, crucial for luxury gold bathrooms. Covering types from manual to digital, installation tips, and maintenance for lasting elegance, it's an indispensable resource. Learn how selecting the right valves and controls not only enhances functionality but also complements the sophisticated decor of a gold bathroom, ensuring a seamless and luxurious showering experience.

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Shower Valve Care: A Guide for Bathrooms

This guide dives into essential shower valve care, highlighting maintenance techniques to ensure your bathroom's centerpiece operates flawlessly. From regular cleaning to deep inspection and the replacement of worn parts, these steps are crucial for preserving the elegance and functionality of your shower valve. Tailored for luxury bathrooms, this guide ensures your valve remains a reliable and gleaming feature of your gold bathroom, elevating your bathing experience.

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READ MORE ABOUT OUR Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves

The thermostatic shower mixer valve collection boasts a solid brass construction that makes these fittings suitable for extensive use in the bathroom. It has a high tolerance to fingerprints and scratches from daily wear and tear and also promises extended performance by withstanding moisture and vapour. Designed for wall mounting, these are user-friendly adornments that require minimal maintenance and installation effort.

Traditional Valves: The traditional concealed shower valve has crosshead or lever handles that offer accessibility to regulate water flow and temperature. In the dual and triple control models, our products offer an ideal mix and match of the two handle designs, typically with two white levers and a central crosshead diverter. With intuitive interfaces and customisable settings, they offer effortless control over water temperature and flow, enhancing convenience and usability.

Modern Valves: Equipped with advanced thermostatic controls, the modern mixer valve ensures precise temperature regulation and consistent water flow, providing a safe and comfortable showering experience. The defining factor of this selection is the stunning rectangular base plate that houses the handles. Offering dual or triple controls, it is characterised by the round and square handles. The middle handle acts as the diverter that allows users to shift the water outlet seamlessly while the two others offer independent hot and cold-water controls.

The concealed thermostatic shower valve can be paired with an array of fittings including shower heads and hoses, handsets, spouts and more to allow a rejuvenating shower experience any day. Shop through our diverse assortment of products that stand out with a lasting golden brilliance: Shower Heads, Arms And Risers | Gold Shower Accessories

Orientation and Installation

The versatile range of concealed thermostatic shower mixer valves at Gold Bathroom offers both vertical and horizontal orientation options for seamless integration into any bathroom space. With a focus on user convenience and ease of installation, these products are structured to be mounted on the wall with the procedure made easy by the rectangular base plates that snugly place the fitting on the mounted surface, remaining intact even with years of extensive usage.

Horizontal installation creates a clean and streamlined appearance, perfect for minimalist and stylish bathroom designs. With this orientation, the valve blends effortlessly into the surrounding space, creating a cohesive and visually appealing shower area. A vertically installed mixer valve conserves space and provides a classic look that complements a wide range of bathroom styles. Whether installed beside a showerhead or integrated into a shower panel, vertical mounting ensures easy access to the valve controls while optimising functionality and convenience. Considering these factors can aid in determining the functionality and accessibility you get in your space.

Here are some more tips to enable an easier and more manageable bathroom renovation journey: MASTERING THE FLOW: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CHOOSING SHOWER VALVES

Number of Outlets

The brass concealed shower valve is a popular choice as it allows a clean and compact bathroom environment. Unlike exposed designs, the concealed valves are installed within the wall, hiding the plumbing and providing a sleek and streamlined appearance to the shower area. It contributes to a minimalist and modern look by hiding the valve components and creates a clutter-free area by preventing visible pipes or fittings. This also makes the bathroom feel more spacious and frees up spaces in the shower area. Equipped with thermostatic technology, they ensure consistent water temperature and help prevent scalding accidents.

Offering multiple outlets, the concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve allows users to switch between different shower components. Multiple outlets refer to the capability of the valve to control the flow of water to more than one shower component simultaneously or independently. Its various components include a showerhead which delivers water from above while a handheld shower is detachable and can be held for greater flexibility and control. A body jet is another fitting that can be paired which is installed on the walls of the shower enclosure while bath spouts direct water into the bathtub for filling or rinsing. 

Thermostatic Controls

The concealed shower valve enables precise regulation of water temperature to ensure a safe and comfortable showering experience. These controls are designed to maintain a constant temperature regardless of fluctuations in water supply, ensuring that the water remains within a preset range to prevent scalding or sudden temperature changes. The thermostatic feature has temperature-sensing properties that monitor the incoming hot and cold-water supply where in cases of system failure, it automatically shuts down. This also enables the smooth balance and mix of hot and cold water according to your needs and preferences.

With anti-scald protection, the thermostatic controls maintain consistency regardless of changes in water pressure or usage without the need for manual adjustments. Safety features that are equipped within the valve prevent water temperature from exceeding a certain preset limit, further enhancing user safety.

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