Freestanding Bath Taps

Freestanding taps offer unique features and benefits tailored to modern bathroom designs. As these taps are directly installed on the floor, they can be placed near the freestanding bathtub without having to take into consideration the deck or wall requirements and accessibility. Each piece has a circular base plate that...

Freestanding taps offer unique features and benefits tailored to modern bathroom designs. As these taps are directly installed on the floor, they can be placed near the freestanding bathtub without having to take into consideration the deck or wall requirements and accessibility. Each piece has a circular base plate that mounts the tap by supporting its weight and distributing it evenly to prevent a wobbly surface which can in turn affect the workability of the tap. The standalone structures allow for easy installation and removal, making them a versatile option for both new construction and bathroom renovations.


Elevating Bathroom Elegance: A Deep Dive into Freestanding Bath Taps

Freestanding bath taps are not only functional but also stylish, adding elegance and luxury to your bathroom. They come in various types, including traditional, contemporary, mixer, thermostatic, and multi-functional taps. When choosing the right freestanding bath tap, consider design compatibility, material quality, height, spout reach, water pressure requirements, and your budget.

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Is a Floor Mounted Tap Right for You?

Explore the luxurious world of floor mounted bathroom taps with Gold Bathroom UK. This guide dives into the benefits and considerations of choosing a floor mounted tap, offering design flexibility, statement style, and an enhanced bathing experience. Perfect for those looking to add sophistication to their bathroom space.

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Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Taps for Your Freestanding Bath

Explore the art of selecting the ideal bathroom taps for your freestanding bath with Gold Bathroom UK. This guide covers types, considerations for style and water pressure, installation tips, and maintenance advice, helping you create a harmonious and luxurious bathroom space.

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Tap holes refer to the number of holes drilled to accommodate the installation. Mono tap hole features one opening that accommodates a monobloc style, typically offering a single handle for hot and cold-water control. Gold freestanding bath taps with dual tap holes are found in more traditional configurations with separate tap holes that accommodate individual hot or cold-water taps, allowing users to control the temperature and flow of water independently.

A single outlet brass freestanding bath tap features a single source that allows water flow to fill the bathtub. These taps typically have a mono lever or knob to control the flow and temperature of water. Dual outlet taps offer independent controls for hot and cold water with separate handles that allow maximum efficiency in use. Handles and spouts are determining factors that mark the aesthetics of the product. While modern designs offer round lever handles with slightly curved spouts, traditional taps have crosshead and white lever styles with wide spout structures. Both offer a comfortable grip and make your everyday chores more manageable and convenient with glitch-free water flow. 

Freestanding Taps with Shower Attachment

Breezing your daily routine, freestanding bath taps with showers combine a tap with a handheld shower head attachment and are commonly used in bathrooms for freestanding bathtubs where a wall-mounted shower setup may not be feasible. Offered in both traditional and modern structures, these sets often feature a tall vertical mixture tap that extends above the bathtub rim, along with a hand shower with a flexible hose and holder. Its main functionality is to provide a two-in-one option for showering options and filling bathtubs where users can conveniently switch between filling the tub and using the handheld shower head for rinsing or bathing.

These freestanding taps with shower attachments are constructed from high-quality brass material, devised with advanced properties including a ceramic disc cartridge that prevents leaks while allowing smooth water flow, eliminating the risks of malfunctions and glitches. Temperature is controlled manually that allows users to conveniently balance the hot and cold water flow without interrupting the water flow. Installing floor mounted taps with attachments may require specific plumbing arrangements, particularly if the bathtub does not already have provisions for a freestanding tap. Proper installation is also essential to ensure the fixture functions correctly and does not leak.

Want to learn about the limitations of brass freestanding bath taps and how they can be tackled? Visit our blog: SOLVING THE 12 MOST COMMON FREESTANDING BATH TAPS PROBLEMS-MUST KNOW GUIDE

Modern and Traditional Freestanding Bath Taps

Normally tapware is classified broadly into the two categories of modern and vintage designs. A modern brushed brass freestanding bath tap has a mono structure, typically with a single tap hole. This Floor-Mounted Freestanding Bath Tap With Shower Kit is a popular selection that has a round handle that can be lifted and turned to balance water temperature and flow. The slightly curved spout allows a pleasing, cascading water flow effect and is completed by the pencil showerhead and flexible metal hose. Operating with a minimum water pressure requirement of 1 bar, this is a suitable high-pressure tap that is bound to enhance the aesthetics and utility of your space effortlessly.   

The traditional gold freestanding bath taps are offered with or without shower attachments, allowing users to choose as per preference and taste. Breathing an air of sophistication with intricate details and ornate embellishments, this selection breezes a Victorian element in any space. The mixer taps with shower attachment category features two separate controls for hot and cold water and a diverter to control the flow of water between different outlets. In a shower combination, this diverter valve allows water to flow either through the shower head or the bath spout and is operated using stylishly crafted lever handles.


Antique Brass and Brushed Brass Finishes

To ensure you get more than one diversity for a gold look, we provide two stunning finishes to complete the look of your selection of freestanding bath taps with shower.

Brushed Finish: This finish is achieved by brushing the surface of the base metal with fine abrasives to create a soft, matte texture and subtle linear grain patterns. It typically has a smooth, satin-like appearance with a muted sheen, rather than a high-gloss shine, and is less reflective than polished or antique finishes. Compared to antique brass, a brushed finish has a lighter and brighter tone and is excellent for concealing stains, water spots, and fingerprints.

Antique Finish: With this finish, the taps get a more aged look with a vintage-like appearance and feature a warmer tone.

The antique and brushed brass freestanding bath tap selection can be enhanced in practicality and usability by pairing the fitting with a bath waste. Bath wastes and overflows are excellent solutions that add to the water-draining quality of your space, enabling a relaxing routine any day. Popular in the click clack design, the addition prevents debris, hair, soap scum, and the likewise from entering the plumbing system by tightly covering the drain outlet, preventing clogs that can damage the pipes. It also eliminates the risk of unwanted drain odour and gases from entering your home via the drain outlet, maintaining a neat, cosy ambience any day. See related collection: Brushed Brass Bath Wastes Collection


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