Indulge in a collection of luxury with our curated selection of gold showers, meticulously designed to elevate your bathing experience to new heights.From opulent gold finishes to exquisite brushed bronze colour, our collection caters to all spaces with an extensive array of fixtures and fittings, from fixed shower heads to...

Indulge in a collection of luxury with our curated selection of gold showers, meticulously designed to elevate your bathing experience to new heights.From opulent gold finishes to exquisite brushed bronze colour, our collection caters to all spaces with an extensive array of fixtures and fittings, from fixed shower heads to shower valves, arms, hose, and rail kits, each piece is crafted with precision engineering and timeless design. 

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Unveiling the Splendor of Showers: Exploring Various Types with a Touch of Gold

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Thermostatic Shower Buying Guide

This comprehensive guide explores the best thermostatic showers for your gold bathroom, including brushed gold options and gold thermostatic radiator valves, ensuring comfort and luxury.

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Golden Gleam: Your Ultimate Guide to Installing a Luxury Gold Shower in the UK

This blog post provides a thorough guide on installing a gold shower, including selecting the perfect gold shower head and ensuring proper function of a gold shower mixer. Upgrade your UK bathroom with a touch of luxury.

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Shower Valves

The thermostatic shower valve collection features a built-in ceramic disc, which keeps the outlets sealed at all times and prevents problems of leaks and drips. It minimises water wastage drastically with daily use and is a family-friendly adornment. Made with high-quality brass material, these fittings are known for projecting extensive tolerance to moisture and vapour, making them suitable for daily and extensive usage in bathroom and shower environments.

Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves: This collection offers valves with up to three outlets that are structured to be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation within the wall. The concealed design means that the pipework is hidden behind the walls which reduces clutter and presents a compact and neat interior with a rich gold finish. The multiple outlets allow users to pair them with overhead showers, a handheld showerhead, or additional body jets for a spa-like experience.

Temperature control is another essential feature of concealed thermostatic valves where each piece is equipped with thermostatic controls that maintain a consistent water temperature, helping to prevent scalding accidents and ensuring a relaxing shower every time. The base plates that aid in quick installation are either rectangular or circular structures that house the valves together or separately.

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Exposed Shower Mixer Valves: Exposed designs are a popular choice for a straightforward and efficient solution for controlling water temperature and flow. These are generally offered in a complete combination set with a handset, hose, and bar valve that feature round handles for convenient balance in usability. This type of valve is designed for exposed installation, meaning it is visible and easily accessible, while the riser is adjustable which enables users to keep it at a height as preferred. The handset offers the flexibility to switch between different spray patterns for a customised shower, while the hose provides ample reach for thorough rinsing.

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Get to know more about the efficiency of installing a thermostatic shower valve from our golden collection: MASTERING THE FLOW: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CHOOSING SHOWER VALVES

Shower Heads, Arms and Risers

Shower heads, arms, and risers play crucial roles in determining the overall showering experience, impacting everything from comfort and convenience to water efficiency and aesthetics. The solid brass construction is combined with high-quality finishes including brushed and polished finishes that protect the base metal from degrading while also prolonging the span of the product without risking premature wear and tear.

Shower Heads and Arms: Structured in sleek square and circular profiles, the shower heads collection allows a rejuvenating rainfall shower experience. Easy cleaning nozzles make maintenance easy and are to be installed on the ceiling or wall. Water pressure requirements vary from product to product which is an essential factor that can be considered to enable glitch-free functionality. This can be paired with the shower arms featuring straight and curved outlines in square or round structures. Installation is made more manageable with the base plates and serves as the perfect bath combination for any modern space.

Shower Handsets: Another way for a rejuvenating experience is with the handheld showers which are designed to match well with the functionality and aesthetics of a fixed shower head from our collection. The traditional range has round, telephone-design handsets while modern handsets extend to minimal, pencil structures. While a selection offers sets with a wall holder, the products are also sold separately and can be paired with our metal shower hose selection which is known for its lightweight and flexible qualities.

Shower Riser Kits: These are comprehensive solutions designed to elevate your shower experience by providing structural support, flexibility, and customization options. The rail serves as a sturdy mounting system that provides stability to the overhead shower, ensuring a safe and reliable showering venture. The selection provides adjustability, which allows users to customise the height and angle to their preferences. 

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Shower Accessories

Shower accessories play a vital role in transforming your shower space into a functional, stylish, and enjoyable retreat. From storage solutions and safety features to luxurious fixtures and decorative elements, these accessories cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. The range also extends to a selection of bathroom and toilet accessories. See related collection: Gold Toilet Accessories | Gold Bathroom Accessories

Douche Kits: The douche shower kit curation offers a handset and a hose with a wall outlet that holds it in place when not used. The handset operates with a trigger feature and promotes hygiene and sanitation in your bath and toilet area. With manually-controlled temperature settings, you can customise water flow to your preference, providing a personalised showering experience. Accessibility is provided by the 1-metre hose and wall bracket that keeps the fitting at arm’s reach for a blissful daily affair, while anti-leak properties and advanced ceramic disc cartridge functions ensure maximum convenience.

Shower Niches: Offering a practical and stylish solution for bathroom storage, a shower niche is integrated into the shower wall to provide a space for storing toiletries, bath products, and decorative accents. These built-in recessed shelves offer several benefits by reducing clutter and maintaining a tidy appearance while keeping essential items in an easily accessible spot. The rectangular and square structures embalm stunning shades of gold and create visual interest in your shower space.

Shower Wastes: Maintaining a clean, hygienic, and functional shower environment is allowed by the shower wastes which are fundamental components in any bathroom. By effectively channelling water away from the shower space, these fittings prevent water buildup, potential flooding, and water damage to the bathroom floor and surrounding structures. It also prevents debris, hair and soap scum from entering the drainage system and prevents the risks of floods and blocks.

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