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Gold Bathroom UK is your home renovation store where we offer bold and diverse fittings in rich tones of a golden hue. From modern and traditional gold bathroom taps, rainfall shower fittings, bathroom and toilet accessories, kitchen tapware, and more, we offer a diverse assortment of products to attend to...

Gold Bathroom UK is your home renovation store where we offer bold and diverse fittings in rich tones of a golden hue. From modern and traditional gold bathroom taps, rainfall shower fittings, bathroom and toilet accessories, kitchen tapware, and more, we offer a diverse assortment of products to attend to all corners of your bathrooms and kitchens. Each product features sturdy brass or stainless-steel construction which is tested for humid and high-traffic areas and boasts durability that withstand extensive use. Our array of fittings promises an elevated degree of appeal blended with comfort and sophistication.

Our comprehensive assortment of products is completed with the trusted manufacturer’s guarantee that ranges from 1 to 15 years depending on the product and its usage. At Gold Bathroom UK, our dedicated customer care team prioritises your needs, offering assistance with product selections, inquiries, and any concerns. Whether through live chat or email, we are here to lend a helping hand as you navigate your journey towards creating your dream space.


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Single Outlet and Twin Outlet Taps

The traditional bath shower mixer taps are designed to serve with either single or twin outlets which broadens the choice you get. Single outlet taps provide straightforward functionality with a mono outlet that allows water flow. With basic functionality that is combined with space-saving properties, these taps are generally more suitable for smaller areas and layouts. They require fewer plumbing connections and are less complex, making installation quicker and more manageable.

Dual outlet traditional gold bathroom taps allow two ways for water flow - one through the mixer tap’s outlet while the other outlet is used for handheld shower attachment or a separate function such as rinsing. Dual outlet taps offer added versatility and convenience, allowing users to switch between different water flow options or functions as needed. Bath mixer kits are a convenient way to blend functionality and style as the sets offer stunning white lever handles with a diverter with a round spout in stunning finishes of gold. The telephone handset with a flexible hose and cradle holder invites an old-world charm without compromising functionality.

Each piece is increased in practicality by the ceramic disc cartridge that prevents unwanted leaks by forming a watertight seal. When the handle or lever of the tap is turned, a movable disc rotates against a stationary one, either aligning or blocking water flow channels, thereby controlling flow and temperature. The smooth, frictionless operation of the discs allows for easy adjustment of water flow and temperature, enabling users to achieve their desired settings with precision.

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Different Mounting Types in Taps

Wall mounted bath taps free up space around the edge of the bathtub, creating a cleaner and more open look in the bathroom and can be particularly advantageous in smaller areas where space is limited. Cleaning around these taps is typically easier as there are no tight spaces or crevices to navigate, making maintenance manageable and blissful. Determining the suitability of your bathtub with that of the tap, particularly freestanding tubs, is a vital factor as improper installation can cause leaks and damage to the surrounding areas and walls.

The traditional freestanding bath taps can be installed with a variety of bathtub styles and offer flexibility in placement allowing users to position it wherever it is most convenient or aesthetically pleasing. Installing freestanding taps is relatively straightforward compared to wall mounted designs as they do not require plumbing work within the wall, making them easier to install and potentially more cost-effective.

Deck mounted traditional bath shower mixer taps offer flexibility in design and placement options with ease of installation guaranteed with its generally simpler and less invasive procedure. It typically involves drilling holes in the bathtub deck for the taps and connecting them to the plumbing system. With a straightforward installation manual, deck taps aid in conserving space in smaller bathrooms where floor and wall spaces may be limited, granting maximum accessibility as it is located within the reach of the bathtub. 

Pillar Taps

Designed with two tap holes to be mounted separately on the deck, pillar bath taps invite a vintage charm with their curved spouts and lever handles with white accents. Water flow and temperature are controlled independently with manual operation which makes these taps family-friendly fittings, ideal for all homes. The taps are designed to be mounted directly onto the bathtub via pre-drilled holes with each tap positioned on its own pillar. However, installation may vary depending on the specific design of the taps and the bathtub.

These fittings offer a simple way to allow flow and functionality where users can conveniently turn the tap on/off individually to adjust the temperature and flow of water to their preference. The selection does not typically include additional features such as hand-held shower attachments or diverter valves. The functionality of the exquisite gold tapware can be increased by pairing them with our collection of bath wastes and overflows which are designed to allow an integrated drainage system to protect pipes and plumbing systems from blocks while ensuring safe disposal for a healthy space.

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