Shower Heads, Arms And Risers

At Gold Bathroom UK, we offer options to complete the renovation plans for your homes by providing larger fittings like shower valves, radiators, taps and more to more minor details including shower arms, risers, elbows and other such fittings that might go unattended. Our goal is to provide homeowners with...

At Gold Bathroom UK, we offer options to complete the renovation plans for your homes by providing larger fittings like shower valves, radiators, taps and more to more minor details including shower arms, risers, elbows and other such fittings that might go unattended. Our goal is to provide homeowners with more than one option of a gold product which is accomplished with the diverse brushed, polished and antique finishes. Each piece is crafted with intricate craftsmanship with a solid brass construction that flaunts durability and promises prolonged usage with its excellent moisture and vapour tolerance.

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Understanding Various Components of Your Shower

Shower Heads: Modern shower heads are an essential component of any bathroom, providing the primary source of water for cleansing and relaxation during showers. From round structures to square designs, these fittings are designed with easy-cleaning nozzles that impact usability drastically. Fixed shower heads are mounted on the ceiling or wall and provide a steady stream of water. The sleek profiles make these versatile choices for all homes and interiors and are popular for their simplicity, durability, and ease of installation.

Another selection offers rainfall shower heads that are inspired by the gentle cascade of raindrops and are characterised by large, flat structures typically mounted overhead or on the ceiling. These overhead shower heads provide a wide coverage area and a soothing, immersive water flow, allowing a relaxing routine that is reminiscent of a spa or hotel at the luxury of your home.  

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Shower Arms: Offered in square and cylindrical structures with rich golden tones, shower arms serve as the connection between the shower head and the water supply. While often overlooked, the fitting plays a crucial role in determining the position, angle, and height of the shower head, thus influencing the overall showering experience. Its types are categorised into standard straight designs that extend directly from the wall outlet. It comes in various lengths to accommodate different shower configurations and user preferences.

Another selection is the angled design which is designed to tilt the shower head downward at an angle, providing a more comfortable showering experience. These arms are ideal for showers with high ceilings as they allow a more direct water flow. Ceiling-mounted shower arms are installed directly overhead, allowing the shower head to hang from above. This configuration creates a rainfall-like effect and can add a luxurious touch to the shower space. Combinations like the square shower head and arm from our assortment create a statement look in the shower space, creating a focal point with a bright radiance without sticking to an obvious palette.

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Shower Handsets: The shower head and hose combination offer unmatched versatility and convenience, allowing users to easily manoeuvre the shower head to target specific areas of the body or to rinse off hard-to-reach areas. Modern structures have a pencil handset design with a minimal look while vintage elements feature round, telephone-design handsets. Unlike fixed shower heads, which are mounted to the wall or ceiling, these products are designed to be held in the hand, allowing users to direct the water flow precisely.

The shower head with hose combination features a long hose attached to the handheld unit and is ideal for rinsing purposes. From wall mounted to freestanding structures, these fittings also offer multiple spray patterns including rainfall, massage, mist, and aeration, each providing a different sensation and level of water pressure. Most models come with a bracket or holder that attaches to the shower wall or existing shower arm, allowing the unit to be easily secured in place. Explore more: Gold Shower Handsets


Shower Riser Kits: The selection of shower riser sets offers convenience and all-in-one solutions with up to two outlets for water flow. The riser provides structural support for the shower head and accompanying accessories while also offering flexibility in height adjustment. The kit comprises a vertical riser pipe, a shower head, a shower hose, and other necessary fittings, allowing for easy installation and customization of the shower setup. The water pressure requirements model varies from model to model with standard suitability to most plumbing systems.

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