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The collection of luxury bath taps we offer at Gold Bathroom UK is exquisitely marked with intricate detailing and ranges from traditional to more minimal and modern designs. Eliminate your worries about choosing aesthetics over functionality and vice versa by shopping with us, where we offer you a balance of...

The collection of luxury bath taps we offer at Gold Bathroom UK is exquisitely marked with intricate detailing and ranges from traditional to more minimal and modern designs. Eliminate your worries about choosing aesthetics over functionality and vice versa by shopping with us, where we offer you a balance of the two worlds without negotiations. Manufactured with the best quality brass material, the bathroom tapware selection projects a high tolerance to rust and oxidation. These fittings are designed for daily use in humid bathroom environments and comprise an alloy of copper and zinc which boasts durability, corrosion resistance and an elevated degree of sophistication.

It is important to note that brass gold bath taps require regular maintenance to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. Cleaning with a mild detergent and soft cloth, followed by drying with a clean towel, can help maintain their shine and prolong their lifespan. The array is offered in a wide selection of bath and basin taps, shower fittings and accessories, pull out kitchen taps, sensor taps and more, all offered in high-quality coatings of brushed, polished and antique gold finishes. Shop for trendy pieces at Gold Bathroom UK where we prioritise your comfort by delivering luxurious fittings that are worth the price they are offered.

Modern and Traditional Bath Taps

Defined with a unique persona, the gold bath taps are characterised by the crosshead, lever and round handles offering single or dual controls. As it is manually controlled, it meets the requirements of all users and enables blissful utility without any complicated user manual. This feature combined with the spout design characterises whether the tap is a traditional or modern fitting. In models offering up to three tap holes, these are exquisite pieces that are bound to highlight a focal point in your bathrooms.

The traditional bath taps are characterised by crosshead or white lever handles, offering a firm grip and precise control over water and temperature. Creating a clean aesthetic, the handles are complemented by the curved, round and fixed spouts. Round spouts have a simple, cylindrical shape while curved spouts have a gentle, arched shape and are fixed, meaning the spout is non-detachable and cannot be moved or adjusted. The selection also includes the shower kits with a mixer tap that is paired with a telephone handset and cradle holder in various mounting types. These designs range from single to dual outlets and are suitable for all standard plumbing systems.

Modern bath taps offering single or dual controls, the balance of water and temperature are allowed by the round handles and feature curved, fixed spouts. Kits include pencil showerheads with a compactly structured holder. A low-pressure tap ranges from 0.1 bar to 0.5 bars while higher-pressure fittings function with a minimum of 1 bar to 3 bars. These are essential considerations as non-suitability can lead to fluctuations, glitches, and premature wear and tear.

Each of the contemporary and vintage design bath taps is devised with built-in ceramic disc cartridges that keep the outlets sealed with a watertight property whenever idle. This drastically reduces the risk of water wastage with daily use and is further enhanced by the aerator that powers a selection of these products with a waterfall effect.

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Freestanding, Deck Mounted and Wall Mounted

The freestanding bath taps are popular because are suitable for all-size bathrooms. This selection is commonly used for freestanding bathtubs where there is no nearby wall to mount the tap. Typically structured with tall spouts to reach over the edge of the bathtub or sink, the product is often paired with a hand-held shower attachment for added functionality. Base plates add to the aesthetic and functionality by covering any holes or gaps on the surface which can enable hiding plumbing connections and distribute the weight of the tap more evenly to prevent wobbling or instability.

Deck mounted bath taps are installed onto the surface through pre-drilled holes in the countertop or sink for installation. These taps are easy to clean and maintain as they provide greater access in and around the area without unwanted obstructions. The wall mounted tapware selection are fixtures that are installed directly onto the wall above the sink, bathtub, or basin. Known for their space-saving properties, these taps offer adjustability and flexibility in terms of installation. The height customisation allows users to mount it as per requirements and preferences without being imposed with space and layout limitations.


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Monobloc Bath Taps

A bathroom mono mixer tap is defined by a single unit that incorporates both the hot and cold-water controls into a single body. With a single-unit design, monobloc structures simplify the installation and operation which makes these popular additions in modern bath spaces. These come with excellent space-saving properties with a user-friendly provided by the single handle that can be lifted, turned to balance water flow and temperature. A wide selection offers water-saving properties such as flow restrictors or aerators which reduce consumption without negotiating performance.

Ranging in square and round structures, the selection offers a range of tall basin tap structures, also known as high-rise taps, designed with an elevated spout height compared to standard taps. It can be paired with your mono bath taps to create a unified and compact look. These taps provide greater clearance between the spout and the sink making it easier to complete more manageable tasks. Popular selections from this category include the Single Lever Gold Tall Basin Mixer Tap and Tall Basin Mixer Tap – Brushed Brass Finish. The whole collection is offered in brushed and antique finishes that provide durability and increase longevity with increased tolerance to fingerprints, stains, and scratches. 

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Bath Spouts

The wall mounted bath spout is available in both traditional and modern structures, each detailed and constructed to serve with a high degree of sophistication. With a customisable height that allows users to install it on the surface as per requirements, these are ideal for built-in bathtubs and extend above and over the tub to deliver water. With minimal installation effort required, these spouts require plumbing connections behind the wall to deliver water from the supply lines to the spout, which is why proper installation is required to secure attachments and prevent leaks.


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Overflow Bath Fillers

The overflow bath filler breezes sophistication with rich shades of gold and are innovative solutions that fill the bathtub through the overflow opening rather than a traditional spout. The selection extends to round and square structures and provides comfort by diverting water through the overflow opening and cascading down into the tub, creating a waterfall-like effect. Compared to traditional tapware, these fittings are excellent space-saving adornments as it does not demand extra space for spouts and handles to protrude from the wall or deck.

The product is paired with a click-clack bath waste to enable quick and efficient draining. Its primary function is to prevent the bathtub from overflowing when it is filled with water. If the water level rises too high, it flows into the overflow opening and down into the drain, preventing water from spilling over onto the bathroom floor. The bath waste has a simple push mechanism that opens/closes the outlet to drain wastewater and remains with a leak proof seal when idle. The round structure is minimal and complements all interiors and styles effortlessly while also extending functionality by preventing debris and solid particles from entering the plumbing system.

To guarantee full efficiency, the overflow filler and waste are paired with a bath waste trap which works excellently to eliminate unwanted drain odour and gases from entering the space and ruining the ambience. It works by retaining a small amount of water in the pipe which acts as a seal to prevent such malfunctions and issues.

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