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Transform your bathroom with our collection of modern bathroom taps crafted with the best quality materials and completed with a diversity of gold hues. The brushed brass finish has a subtle, muted look and features soft, brushed lines or grain that grants it a satin-like appearance. Each fitting has a...

Transform your bathroom with our collection of modern bathroom taps crafted with the best quality materials and completed with a diversity of gold hues. The brushed brass finish has a subtle, muted look and features soft, brushed lines or grain that grants it a satin-like appearance. Each fitting has a solid brass construction that projects a high tolerance to rust and oxidation, prolonging performance quality while ensuring durability. At Gold Bathroom UK, our products breeze the perfect combination of luxury, serenity and comfort, ensuring every homeowner gets a product that is worth the price!

The vast assortment extends to all spaces including your kitchens and bathrooms, with fittings crafted specifically to adapt to humid environments and high-traffic areas. Each buy, including the contemporary bath taps, is provided with a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee which extends up to 15 years. Create a statement and highlight your bath space with an array of best-quality taps, each adorned with advanced features including aerators, ceramic disc technology, temperature resistance and more, at Gold Bathroom UK today!

Handles And Spouts

The modern gold bathroom taps are offered in deck mounting and floor standing structures and are characterised by the handle and spout designs. The round lever handles offer single or dual control to regulate flow and temperature without unwanted glitches and fluctuations. It has a firm grip and a user-friendly manual requiring only a turn to activate flow. The spouts have a slightly and elegantly curved silhouette with a gentle arc that guides water flow smoothly into the bathtub and is completed with anti-splash properties.

Each bath filler tap is devised with ceramic disc technology to enable glitch-free water regulation while enabling the perfect balance of hot and cold water for flawless functionality. The highly durable ceramic discs also serve as watertight seals to prevent leaks and drips whenever the tap handles are turned off. Determining the water pressure requirements of the tap with that of your plumbing system is another way to boost the practicality of your tapware.

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Gold Bath Mixer Kits

If you want to eliminate the hassle of choosing every piece for your bath space piece by piece, the deck mounted bath shower mixer with shower fitting is an excellent choice. This Deck Mounted Gold Bath Mixer Tap With Shower Handset has an exquisite brushed brass finish and is operated with two round lever handles that regulate hot and cold water flow. The set is completed with the pencil handset and a flexible hose that provides another outlet apart from the curved spout. Ideally served as a low-pressure tap with a minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar, it has two tap holes and remains snug on the mounted surface without posing unwanted damage and malfunctions.

The bath filler tap forms the main component of this kit and is typically installed on the deck or the rim of the bathtub. Installation may require drilling holes in the deck for the tap and holder, as well as connecting the shower hose to the tap's diverter valve. These kits are popular as they offer convenience by enabling users to switch between filling the tub and rinsing off without the need for separate fixtures.

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Deck Mounted Bath Taps

The deck mounted modern bathroom taps are popular for being versatile as they can be mounted on various surfaces, from the deck to even the platforms adjacent to the bathtub. In cases where floor and wall space may be limited, deck taps ideally fit perfectly in smaller bathrooms, freeing space around the bathtub for other fixtures and accessories. Installation is more convenient with deck structures as it is less invasive compared to wall hung designs. The user-friendly and accessible properties that provide a comfortable reach make this selection convenient for all users.

However, some considerations while installing a deck mounted bath shower mixer may include the additional maintenance effort it may require as compared to wall mounted taps. Dirt and grime can accumulate in the crevices around the taps, requiring more effort to clean and maintain. Most deck taps require a flat deck surface, so it is important to consider the bathtub's design and configuration before opting for these taps to ensure compatibility. The diverse assortment can be paired with our selection of gold bathroom accessories including soap dishes and dispensers, tumbler holders, robes and hooks, and more! See our assortment today: Gold Bathroom Accessories

Floor Standing Bath Taps

Floor mounted bath taps are distinct and stylish options for filling bathtubs as this selection does not require mounting onto the wall or deck, providing flexibility in bathtub placement and layout. It provides a comfortable reach, allowing freedom of placement as it is not permanently drilled on the wall or surface, granting comfortable usability for all users. By mounting it directly on the floor, these taps free up valuable wall or deck space for other fixtures or accessories. It is also popular as it generally has a straightforward installation procedure that does not demand extensive structural modifications. Typically structured with pre-drilled holes for plumbing connections, installation is made relatively simple compared to wall mounted and deck mounted taps.

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