Deck Mounted Bath Taps

A deck mounted mixer tap is a sophistication every home deserves for a full-fledged bathroom venture. The best part of shopping with us is the shades of gold we offer, from kitchen taps to bathroom taps, shower fittings, radiators and accessories, each product is completed with antique, brushed and polished...

A deck mounted mixer tap is a sophistication every home deserves for a full-fledged bathroom venture. The best part of shopping with us is the shades of gold we offer, from kitchen taps to bathroom taps, shower fittings, radiators and accessories, each product is completed with antique, brushed and polished finishes. Solid brass marks the construction of each fitting ensuring prolonged usage and durability with extensive tolerance to rusting and oxidation. The graded finishes complete the charm with fingerprint-resistant and scratch-proof qualities while protecting the base metal from unwanted and premature damage.

The deck mounted bath fillers at Gold Bathroom UK are devised to serve with advanced ceramic disc technology that prolongs the performance of the products. This functionality is a crucial component as it provides precise control over water flow and temperature and offers reliability and resistance to wear, and tear compared to traditional rubber washers. Ceramic discs are known for their long lifespan and resistance to leaks, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. The deck taps are popular for their versatility and ease of installation with high adaptability that allows them to be mounted on a range of surfaces.

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Tap Hole Structure

The deck mounted bath shower mixer tap collection extends to dual and triple hole designs. The installation is completed with separate holes that are drilled on the bathtub or deck surface. With three-hole structures, two taps provide separate hot and cold water while a central spout completes the design. While straight spouts provide a linear, vertical or horizontal design, typically extending directly outward from the tap body, curved spouts have a graceful, arched design.

2-hole bath taps have a dual mounting structure and feature a single spout and single/twin handles for controlling the flow and temperature of water. The handles are usually mounted on either side of the spout, providing users with individual control marked with comfort and accessibility. The tap is secured in place using mounting hardware, and the water supply lines are connected to each handle. With a manageable process, mounting pillar taps is relatively straightforward and can be done by DIY enthusiasts or professional plumbers.


Deck Mounted Bath Taps with Shower Attachments

Allowing convenience, the deck mounted bath filler is also offered in combination sets with shower fittings. In traditional models, the product comprises the bath filler tap adorning a wide, round spout that allows a pleasing, cascading water flow. Handles include stunning white levers and a diverter that balances flow while enabling users to choose which outlet is preferred to allow usage. The telephone-design handset is paired with the flexible metal hose and is ideal for rinsing and bathing. This rests on the cradle holder when idle that stores the handheld shower in a compact, convenient manner.

A modern deck mounted bath shower mixer tap with shower attachment is characterised by a round structure with two tap holes, comprising two round handles and a slightly curved spout. Deviating from the intricate detailing of traditional sets, this kit has a sleek pencil handset that is paired with the hose and a minimally crafted wall bracket that holds it in place. Temperature is regulated manually allowing users to achieve ease in maintaining balance and stands out with a lavish charm with an enriched brushed brass finish.

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Drainage Solutions

The deck mounted mixer taps can be paired with bath wastes and overflow combinations for blissful utility. Sporting the popular click clack design, these additions not only amp up your drainage game but also keep your plumbing pristine. Eliminate the inconvenience of clogs caused by debris, hair, and soap scum with the dependable seal offered by the combination. It also eliminates the risk of unpleasant odours and unwanted gases that can infiltrate your home through drains. With bath waste and overflows at the helm, your space maintains a fresh, inviting ambiance conducive to relaxation, day after day. 

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