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Gold Bathroom UK is your go-to store for quality bathroom and kitchen tapware and accessories. Serving all-gold products, we offer you a diversity of brushed, polished and antique finishes in stunning ranges of a gold hue. Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of all homes and homeowners, the products...

Gold Bathroom UK is your go-to store for quality bathroom and kitchen tapware and accessories. Serving all-gold products, we offer you a diversity of brushed, polished and antique finishes in stunning ranges of a gold hue. Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of all homes and homeowners, the products are curated with a close eye on details with excellent craftsmanship that ensures the fittings look and serve equally well. Our selection also extends to shower fittings, sink wastes for efficient draining, bath and toilet accessories and towel radiators to attend to every corner of your home. Grant the opulence of a spa-like feel in the indulgence of your home by adding luxury worth the price with our assortment of brushed brass bathroom products.

The bathroom basin taps collection offers a selection of stunning gold fittings that will elevate the look and functionality of your sink area and can be paired with the same range of accessories, including soap dishes and dispensers, robe hooks and hangers, toilet brushes and holders, and more. This enables homeowners to create a specific statement without an obvious plain palette. See our related collections for more: Luxurious Gold Bathroom Accessories | Gold Toilet Accessories | Bathroom Mirrors

Offered in a selection of monobloc and traditional basin taps, the tapware with its stunning lustre can be paired with a countertop basin and sink waste for a complete combination set. Shopping from our website eliminates the hassle of running from store to store looking for the perfect assemblage of products where we offer every homeowner a curated selection defined with a uniform look and durability. The basins are available in ceramic and stainless-steel structures with lightweight features, making these modern solutions for all-sized bathrooms. Browse for more and find the perfect countertop sink to pair with your basin taps here: Gold Countertop Basins

Bathroom Brilliance: Exploring Brass Fixtures

Each basin tap at Gold Bathroom UK is defined by a solid brass construction which grants it a high tolerance to rusting and corrosion. This feature has been devised to meet the needs of all homeowners for details that stay consistent even with constant exposure to moisture and vigorous usage. The high-quality finish delivers a lustrous glimmer and makes the fitting stand out with its excellent tolerance to abrasions and stains.

Brass Taps: Renowned for durability and long-lasting performance, brass bathroom basin taps are ideal for everyday use in wet environments such as your bath and basin area. The alloy of copper and zinc allows the superior build and ensures the taps remain with a pristine charm even with years of use. Maintenance requirements are very low for brass taps with a simple solution of mild detergent/soap and water that is enough to restore its lustre. As a sustainable material, the metal can be recycled and repurposed, enabling homeowners to make an environmentally friendly choice with utility pieces.

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Classic Elegance vs. Contemporary Chic: Traditional vs. Modern Basin Taps

Installation of our gold taps is made a convenient task with the user-friendly manual. Available in wall-mounted and deck-mounted designs, you are met with endless choices with us. Diversified in various designs, the fittings are distinguished by the spout design ranging from curved, straight and swivel necks. Whether you are looking for a medium-pressure, high-pressure, or low-pressure fitting, our products fit flawlessly with all systems and the detailed specifications under each fitting guide your shopping experience in a much more manageable way!

Traditional Basin Taps: The gold basin tap selection is distinguished by intricate detailing and ornate embellishments including white lever detailing and crosshead handles. Though this range adorns a more vintage-like appeal like Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco styles, it makes no compromises in quality and functionality. The handles are easy to use with either single or dual controls, manually controlled to enable a balanced adjustment of temperature and flow. Its compatibility with a wide range of countertop basins makes it suitable for various bathroom layouts and configurations.

Monobloc Basin Taps: Modern taps adorn a sleek, minimal structure with a single tap hole and offer up to twin handles for controlling flow. Unlike traditional taps that require separate holes for hot and cold water connections, this streamlined design saves space and creates a compact look in the bathroom. Both the traditional and modern designs are adorned with advanced features like ceramic disc technology that prevents unwanted leaks and drips while ensuring smooth regulation and water flow. The discs are constructed with high-quality ceramic that is known for its tolerance towards corrosion and resistance against temperature fluctuations and water pressure variations, powering the taps to work with zero glitches in functionality and practicality.


Mounting Matters: Wall vs. Deck for Basin Taps

Understanding whether you need a wall mounted basin tap or a deck-mounted structure can be a crucial step that can be determined after taking various factors into account including your room’s layout, space requirements and demands, personal preferences and more. Another factor to consider includes water pressure requirements. Each fixture is designed to adhere to a specific requirement to ensure smooth flow and temperature regulation. A tap below 0.5 bar is considered a low-pressure fitting while above 1 bar suits higher pressure plumbing systems. This is an essential factor to consider as lower pressure than needed can cause glitches in flow while a higher one can cause bursts in pipes, premature damage and unwanted leaks.

Deck Mounted Taps: Installed directly onto the surface of the countertop or basin, these taps are fixed via pre-drilled holes and require a flat and stable surface which makes the procedure more manageable. The selection, including the deck mounted sensor tap, is devised with suitability to all plumbing systems which makes these a versatile choice for all homes. As it is not installed on the wall, it is ideal for spaces with limited or unconventional layouts, serving as a compact and space-saving solution that maximises countertop space. Deck mounted tapware is also an ideal fixture that allows DIY enthusiasts to update their spaces without extensive renovations.


Wall Mounted Taps: Another selection of bathroom basin taps is structured to be mounted on the wall above the basin or countertop with the spout extending over the basin. Notably, these taps require sufficient wall space and additional plumbing work as the pipework is concealed behind the walls. Cleaning is a much more manageable task as it provides access to the countertop surface, making it simple to maintain a neat, hygienic bathroom environment. An added perk of wall-hung designs is the customisable height that enables homeowners to install the taps at a desired spot while taking adjustments and preferences into account. 

Touchless Technology with Sensor Taps

Invite innovation and ease of usability with a deck mounted sensor tap, also known as touchless or hands-free taps. Designed for convenience, hygiene and water conservation, these taps have a slim spout design with a cylindrical body without handles that grant it a compact look. The touchless operation is allowed by the infrared sensors that enable the detection of hands or objects within a sensing range, which in turn dispenses water and activates functionality without requiring physical contact. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination, enabling homeowners to take a step towards sanitation.

As water is released only with detected motion, these taps are excellent solutions that reduce water wastage. Sensor taps are equipped with built-in mechanisms to control the flow of water and automatically shut off after a limited period of inactivity. This prevents excessive use of water while preventing wastage resulting from unregulated usage or overflows.

Basin Wastes: Keeping Drains Clean and Clear

After choosing a gold sink tap, investing in basin and basin waste is essential. The requirement of a slotted or unslotted design depends on whether or not your sink has an overflow. By incorporating this adornment, you eliminate problems of flooded spaces and allow quick draining to keep your space posh and hygienic. This product also keeps debris away by keeping the drain hole sealed and granting safe water dispersion per requirements.


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Golden Policies: Cornerstones of Our Commitment and Service

At Gold Bathroom UK, we offer quick handling and deliveries to ensure every customer’s home renovation journey is enthralling and exciting. Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting every homeowner with product selection, answering queries and settling issues of troubleshooting via email, contact or live chat. Each product is offered with a trusted guarantee, covering up to 15 years depending on the category and its usage. This assures our customers against unwanted defects and malfunctions.

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