Deck Mounted Gold Basin Taps

Choose from a variety of bathroom taps including tapware, accessories, mirror units, shower fittings and more, all finished with stunning hues of gold. The main purpose of our assortment is to give homeowners more than a single option of a palette while building or renovating homes, enabling each space to...

Choose from a variety of bathroom taps including tapware, accessories, mirror units, shower fittings and more, all finished with stunning hues of gold. The main purpose of our assortment is to give homeowners more than a single option of a palette while building or renovating homes, enabling each space to express a unique persona and feel.

Realise the maximum of what your home has to offer with our variety of gold deck mounted basin taps, designed to be installed on the worktop rather than on the wall. Add the luxury of a deck-mounted embellishment where the functionality is marked by providing proper control over temperature and pressure, adorned by intricate detailing and excellent craftsmanship. With an assortment of sizes, styles, or designs available for high and low-pressure systems, you meet no limitations with the choices you get when shopping with us. Each piece is marked with durability owing to the brass manufacturing that grants it rust and oxidation tolerance.

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The Beauty of Brass Tapware

A brass deck mounted tap comprises an alloy of copper and zinc that grants it excellent tolerance towards rusting and corrosion. Known for its aesthetic appeal combined with a robust structure that grants it excellent durability, these taps are suitable for environments with constant exposure to water and moisture. Enabling buyers to make a conscious choice towards reducing carbon footprint, brass is a metal that is recyclable and therefore, can be repurposed indefinitely, allowing homes to become more sustainable.

Brass taps are popular with their antimicrobial properties which eliminate the risk of bacterial spread, making these fittings ideal for daily use at homes and providing a safer, cleaner water flow. While these taps are relatively low-maintenance, periodic cleaning and polishing may be necessary to maintain their appearance and prevent tarnishing. Mild soap and water can be used for regular cleaning, while specialised brass cleaners can help remove tarnishes and restore shine.

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A Variety of High-Quality Finishes of Gold

The versatility of a gold palette in bathrooms and kitchens has been timeless and is popular with its profound symbolic significance that epitomises prosperity, stability, and permanence.

Brushed Brass Finish: This style has a distinctive texture and appearance and lacks a shiny surface like that of a polished finish. Brushed finishes adorn a matt, satin-like touch with visible lines or grain that helps to conceal stains and fingerprints. The muted sheen invites warmth to any space, suited for both traditional and modern interiors, and is a practical choice for high-traffic areas with its low maintenance properties.

Antique Brass Finish: With this finish, the basin deck mixer tap is given a surface treatment that grants it an appearance of age or antiquity, evoking a sense of nostalgia, history and charm. It has a shinier, mirror-like gloss compared to brushed finishes and brightens the room with the reflective quality. They can range from a subtle satin polish to a highly reflective polish, depending on the desired effect and the level of surface refinement.

Harmonise the aesthetics of your space by delving into our extensive assortment of gold accessories that match perfectly with the tapware selection. Also offered in diverse brushed, polished and antique finishes, these fittings make your daily routine more blissful while rewarding you with a space that falls nothing short of perfection. Read more with our blog: OPULENCE UNVEILED: ELEVATING YOUR SPACE WITH GOLD BATHROOM ACCESSORIES

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Do You Need a Single or Dual Handle Tap? Explore Handle and Spout Solutions

The deck mounted basin mixer tap curation offers a diverse assortment of handle and spout designs that serve as characteristic features that define the product. Handles are offered in lever, crosshead, round and square structures, each known to provide a comfortable grip to make everyday utility convenient. The round handle with its cylindrical shape provides a versatile choice with a sleek appearance while square structures have straight edges and corners that grant an angular aesthetic. Square handles can add a sense of solidity and precision with their clean lines and defined edges. Crosshead handles offer a more traditional element with a cross-shaped design with two perpendicular bars intersecting to form a grip. Their symmetrical layout provides a balanced and structured look, enhancing the overall symmetry of the space.

Single Handle Taps: These deck mounted basin taps comprise only one lever that controls both water flow and temperature. Functionality is offered by lifting or turning the handle to adjust the flow rate while rotating it balances the temperature with a mix of hot and cold water. These are popular for their space-saving properties and simplicity in usage with few installation parts that make the procedure more comfortable.

Twin Handle Taps: Dual handles provide separate handles for controlling hot and cold water flow and precisely balancing temperature without intervening with the flow. These taps are controlled via separate water lines that allow independent controls. Dual handle taps are often associated with traditional or classic designs, making them a popular choice for heritage-inspired interiors.

Ceramic Disc Technology in Taps: With us, the deck and wall mounted taps feature an advanced ceramic disc technology that allows for glitch-free water flow while preventing unwanted leaks and drips. Projecting excellent tolerance to buildup and corrosion, the durability makes these long-lasting fittings as compared to traditional rubber washers. The discs provide a tight seal when closed, preventing water leaks or drips. Additionally, the absence of friction between the discs results in a fluid and precise control of water flow and temperature. With temperature stability, this feature in tapware boosts its usability and helps conserve water by reducing usage.

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Tap Configuration and Installation

The deck mounted basin mixer tap selection offers as many as three tap-hole models to suit best with preferences and requirements of your space. Determining this factor goes beyond aesthetics as it affects the water flow quality and pattern, which play crucial roles in influencing overall workability.

Single Tap Hole: A single tap hole refers to a sink or countertop with only one opening and is used for monobloc taps often featuring a square or cylindrical structure. The selection also offers tall basin taps, designed specifically for taller basins or vessel sinks. These mixers are characterised by their elevated height, which allows them to comfortably reach over the rim of the basin to deliver water. Designed with an extended spout reach, the selection ensures water reaches the centre of the basin without splashing.

Popular picks of this assortment include the Tall Basin Mixer Tap – Brushed Brass Finish.

Dual Tap Holes: Popular in traditional designs, including pillar taps, these feature two separate taps arranged side by side. Each opening accommodates a separate tap unit, one for hot water and one for cold water. The long nose spouts are characteristic of this configuration while design varies from product to product.

Triple Tap Holes: Triple hole tap structures have three holes in the sink or basin, arranged in a row. This accommodates independent hot and cold water controls and a central spout, typically a swan neck design with elegantly curved outlines that adds to the aesthetic value while providing ample clearance below the sink. In dual and triple-hole structures, spacing is important as it ensures the taps operate comfortably without obstructions. Building codes and regulations may specify minimum requirements for tap spacing to ensure safety, accessibility, and compliance with plumbing standards.

Considering the water pressure requirements is an important factor when purchasing a basin deck mixer tap as it affects the overall functionality. Low-pressure fittings require a minimum pressure of 0.5 bar and below while higher-pressure fixtures operate with a requirement of 1 bar and above. The diverse assortment at Gold Bathroom UK offers a variety of low and high-pressure fittings to ensure every homeowner gets a tap that best meets their requirements and tastes. A higher pressure than demanded by the plumbing system can lead to premature tear on the pipes, bursts and blocks while a lower pressure than recommended can cause fluctuations in flow and inconsistencies in temperature regulation.

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Easy Draining Solutions with Gold Bathroom UK

Choosing a basin waste and trap combination to complement the working of your deck mounted basin taps drastically improves practicality by enabling smooth draining of wastewater. This addition also eliminates the risk of unwanted odour and gases from entering through the drainpipe, preventing any chance of ruining the ambience and feel of your space. Wastes are designed in slotted and unslotted structures depending on whether or not your basin has an overflow hole or not. Waste traps are installed beneath the sink and retain a small amount of water that forms a seal to prevent unwanted gases from entering via the pipes.

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