Monobloc Kitchen Taps

Made with an array of high-quality materials, the monobloc kitchen mixer taps at Gold Bathroom UK are structured to strongly resist rusting and oxidation even with daily use and exposure to moisture.  Marked and defined by the brushed and glossy finishes, these taps have a smooth texture and the right...

Made with an array of high-quality materials, the monobloc kitchen mixer taps at Gold Bathroom UK are structured to strongly resist rusting and oxidation even with daily use and exposure to moisture.  Marked and defined by the brushed and glossy finishes, these taps have a smooth texture and the right balance of a glistening hue. 

The robust build of our taps assures a long-lasting utility with a quality that stands the test of time and remains with a pristine charm even with years of use. Balancing the best of the two worlds of comfort and sophistication, the assortment of gold tapware and accessories also extends to the shower and bathroom where we are dedicated to providing ready-made solutions to anyone who visits our store.

Product guarantees are an excellent way to ensure your purchase is promised quality and durability, which is why we offer a comprehensive guarantee covering from 1 to 15 years depending on the product and its usage. You can comfortably check our policies for payments, returns and terms and conditions with a simple click on the website to get details on queries like estimated delivery dates, handling processes, customs and more. We are also available via email, and live chat to help homeowners tackle problems, whatever it may be.

Understanding The Difference Between Regular Taps and Monobloc Taps

Traditional or regular taps are typically designed with two handles that consist of independent controls for hot and cold water. Each handle balances the flow and temperature without risking fluctuations and provides user-friendly usability. Tap holes range from structure to structure with separate connections for hot and cold water supply lines. See more: Complete Gold Kitchen Taps Collection | Gold Bathroom Taps  

A monobloc sink tap has its characteristic feature with a single tap hole structure and one lever/knob that balances both flow and temperature. This functionality makes the assortment popularly known as single-handed taps. As the model eliminates the need for separate water handles, it saves space and provides ample countertop and basin area without cluttering or limiting mobility. If you are looking for tapware to accommodate smaller-sized rooms, mono-designs with one mounting hole installation serve as an excellent boon!

However, it is an assured fact that the mono mixer tap does not compromise functionality when compared to traditional structures. The single-handle design allows convenient and precise control over water temperature where users can easily adjust the handle to achieve their desired balance, making it quicker and more efficient than having to adjust two separate knobs. The single-handle operation of monobloc taps is intuitive and user-friendly and is further elevated in aesthetics by the stylish spouts. 

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Material, Durability and Maintenance: Brass And Stainless Steel

The deck mounted kitchen tap selection is structured either in brass or stainless steel, a choice that homeowners get to make depending on preference, functionality and demands of the space. Promised for long-lasting performance and devised with advanced features like aerators and ceramic disc technology, these taps come as modern solutions.

Brass is revered for its durability, timeless elegance, and versatility, remaining a staple choice in both traditional and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. It boasts durability with high resistance to corrosion, rust and tarnishing which makes this a suitable metal for tapware that is constantly exposed to humid environments and extensive moisture and vapour exposure. 

Maintenance is easy as regular cleaning with a mild soap solution and cloth removes dirt and grime while periodic polishing can also help restore its finish and glimmer. Being a sustainable metal, brass can be recycled indefinitely, ensuring homeowners make a conscious choice towards reducing carbon footprints with the choices they make!

The second selection offers the stainless steel monobloc kitchen mixer taps, known to offer a combination of durability, hygiene, ease of maintenance, versatility, environmental sustainability, and longevity. With its resistance to harsh conditions, these taps do not degrade or deform even with extreme temperature exposure and harsh chemicals, making them suitable for daily use in the kitchen. 

Durability runs parallel to that of brass and retains its shine with resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Stainless steel has inherent antimicrobial properties which makes the tapware resistant to bacterial growth and contamination, making the selection an ideal choice for environments where hygiene is a priority. 

Both brass and stainless steel single lever kitchen taps are versatile choices that are offered in varying finishes and hues of gold. To further increase its functionality, investing in an integrated drainage system consisting of a basket strainer waste, trap and overflow proves to be crucial. Our handpicked curation of kitchen sink wastes offers individual pieces or combination sets to allow functionality such as preventing solid debris, food scraps and particles from entering the system and clogging the pipes. The strainer has a durable brass and plastic build that is tested to withstand extreme hot and cold temperature exposure, eliminating risks of deformed fittings.

Designed in round or square structures, overflows provide a small opening, typically located near the top of the sink basin, and prevent water from spilling in cases of overflows or malfunctions in the main drain. Integrating a proper drainage system can provide excellent boons for your space including preventing sewer gases and providing a seal to prevent unpleasant odours and potentially hazardous conditions. This combination offers quick, straightforward installation and is crucial to ensure proper drainage and avoid plumbing issues such as clogs and overflows. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the strainer and ensuring the pipes are clear of debris, is essential to keep the system functioning smoothly.


More Than One Shade and Finish of Gold

At Gold Bathroom UK, we diversify the choice of gold products by offering a selection of alluring tones from brushed and polished finishes to brownish copper tones. Brushed brass creates a distinct appearance with a matt or satin texture with subtle lines or grain. The fine, consistent lines grant a muted, understated look with a warm golden hue. This finish is popular as the groove on the surface makes it less prone to showing fingerprints, stains, and water spots, guaranteeing long-lasting utility.

The polished finish is characterised by a high level of shine and smoothness and has a glossy, reflective surface. This makes them more prone to fingerprints and stains but can be maintained by regular cleaning with a damp cloth and mild solution effortlessly. It reflects light, creating a lustrous element in your kitchens which serves as a statement in all modern spaces. Bronze sink taps have a warm, rich tone with a subdued, satin-like sheen that grants a texture which adds depth and character to the metal. It typically has a slightly darker and more earthy hue compared to brushed brass, granting an elevated degree of warmth which can make your basin area stand out effortlessly.

Another stylish pick is the two-tone tap like this White & Gold Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Tap featuring the blend of a rich gold tone at the spout, handle and base combined with a glossy white finish that adds a sophisticated charm.

Comfort With L-shape, Swivel and Swan Neck Spouts

Deck mounted kitchen taps from our extensive range of gold products are defined by four spout types- swivel, swan, L-shape and pull-out structures. Each spout helps determine the pattern of flow and other factors such as an aerated stream, multiple modes, etc. With a slim silhouette and offering single or twin lever controls, the spout designs add to the flexibility and accessibility your tap provides.

Swan Neck Spouts: These spouts feature a gracefully curved outline that resembles the neck of a swan and are popular for kitchen and bathroom tapware. Not only does the curved structure add elegance but also increases the accessibility in your countertop area. The high arc combined with the smooth, curved surface makes cleaning easy, making it a practical choice for busy households and commercial settings.

L-Shaped Spouts: This design is characterised by their distinctive L-shaped design, typically with a horizontal section that extends outward from the fixture's base, followed by a vertical section that directs the water flow downward. Known for its space-saving quality, this model maximises the utilisation of your basin area by providing comfortable clearance with added benefits including suitability to most standard plumbing systems.

Swivel Spouts: A swivel spout, also known as a rotating spout, has a versatile functionality that can be rotated or pivoted horizontally. This allows the user to adjust the direction of the water flow as needed, providing greater flexibility and convenience in various tasks and chores. The rotational movement allows users to adjust the position of the tap while also balancing the water flow in the desired area, further enhanced by its suitability to one or two-bowl sinks.

Do You Need a Pull-Out Tap?

The structure of a gold pull-out kitchen tap is defined by a spout that can be pulled out or extended from the tap’s body. The body houses the main components of the tap, including the handle, cartridge, and water supply lines. Designed to be typically mounted on the sink or countertop, this fixture is popular in modern kitchens owing to its added flexibility and convenience that allows users to easily reach areas beyond the confines of the sink and direct water flow with precision. The spout is connected to a retractable hose or wand, powered by a magnetic docking mechanism that enables it to be stored compactly without cluttering the space. A selection of these taps is devised with a swivel function, allowing it to rotate horizontally for added flexibility.

The dual and single lever kitchen tap with spray has its hose made of flexible materials such as braided nylon or stainless steel and is designed to withstand repeated pulling and retracting. Additional perks also include the dual/ triple modes depending on the model. In the aerated stream mode, water flows through a specially designed aerator that mixes air with the water stream, creating a soft and bubbly flow. It also prevents splashing with its steady circulation while the spray mode produces a more powerful and concentrated stream. This mode typically features a wider spray pattern to cover a larger area, making it effective for rinsing and cleaning tasks.

A selection of the kitchen pull-out tap design also offers the pause or pause/stream function that allows the flow to temporarily stop without turning off the tap. Additionally, some models may offer a combination of pause and stream functions, allowing users to switch between a steady flow and a paused state with a simple button. Having a tap that offers multiple patterns for flow enables comfortable use to suit specific needs and preferences, making pull out designs popular in the world of kitchenware.

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Advanced Features That Power Our Tapware

Ceramic Disc Technology: Having a leaky tap can be a common nightmare for many homeowners after investing in luxury tapware. Our assortment of monobloc sink taps prevents unwanted drips and drastically reduces wastage by forming a watertight seal using two ceramic discs. Made of highly durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup, the functionality is provided with one disc that moves against a stationary one, creating a clear alignment and a path for water to flow smoothly while regulating water temperature without risking sudden fluctuations.

Water Pressure Requirements: This is a crucial factor that plays a vital role in determining the workability of your tapware where lower pressure than required can lead to disturbance in the water flow or lack of precision. A higher pressure than demanded by your home’s system can lead to damage to plumbing fixtures and pipes, leaks, bursts, and premature wear and tear. A high-pressure fitting ranges between 1 bar to 3 bars while a pressure of below 0.5 bar in taps comes under the category of low-pressure fixtures.

Aerators: Aerators are excellent solutions to create a luxurious utility that is reminiscent of spa-like functionality. A soft, bubbling water flow is allowed by integrating air into the water flow to reduce water consumption without compromising pressure. This reduces the force and velocity of the water as it exits the tap, preventing excessive splashing and making it easier to control. Aerators are also equipped to filter impurities with built-in filters that prevent particles and sediments from entering the flow, providing cleaner water for consumption.

User-Friendly Handles: Offering single or dual levers, the mono mixer tap selection has user-friendly handles that are designed to enhance ease of use and comfort for individuals of all ages and abilities. With a comfortable grip, it reduces strain during operation which is further enhanced by the smooth edges and rounded surfaces. Lever handles are also popular for their intuitive operation and can be easily turned on and off with a gentle push or pull.

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At Gold Bathroom UK, you can easily pick from a myriad of designs and styles in diverse hues of brushed and polished gold finishes. These taps are intricately crafted to transform utility spaces into luxurious resorts and getaways. From bathrooms, kitchens, showers and toilet accessories, the choices you get with us are immaculate! Our team is dedicated to guiding every customer throughout the process to rid you of any unwanted hassle, whatever it may be. Put your trust in us and watch your dream space unfold in front of your eyes with a click! Browse our rich assortment today. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Monobloc Kitchen Taps

1.What is the difference between a monobloc tap and a mixer tap?

A monobloc tap uses one lever to control both hot and cold water, needing one hole for installation. A mixer tap may have one or two handles and mixes the water in one spout but might require two holes.

2.How do monobloc taps work?

Monobloc taps mix hot and cold water inside the tap through a single lever, letting you adjust water flow and temperature together.

3.What is normally used to connect cold water pipework to a monobloc mixer tap?

Flexible hoses are used to connect the cold water supply to a monobloc mixer tap, making installation easier.

4.What size hole for a monobloc tap?

The hole size for a monobloc tap is usually between 32mm to 35mm in diameter, but always check the tap's specifications.


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